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Remington PG6025 Review


The Remington PG6025 All-in-1 is a lithium powered grooming kit that’s pretty easy on the eye and comes with a copious amount of accessories. But is it any good?




Remington has been making grooming products for both men and women for a long time now. For men who may be running on a strict budget, paying over $100 for a grooming kit may sound too much. This is especially so if they only need a simple electric shaver to trim their beard or other general hair. Remington has a solution to this problem. The Remington PG6025 grooming kit is affordable and comes with several attachments making it possible for you to customize your look.

Technical Features of the Remington PG6025

• Runs on a lithium-ion battery

• Comes with washable attachments

• Gives 60 minutes of run time per charge

• Comes with a storage pouch

• Have self-sharpening blades

• Have multiple attachments: Linear, nose, foil and ear

• Three attachment heads and combs (3, 6 and 9mm)

• Charging indicator light

Functional Features

1. True all-in-one Grooming

The Remington PG6025 grooming kit offers a true all-in-one grooming keeping beards and mustaches neat and tidy. Alternatively, it helps you to trim your hair, chest, and back. The nose and ear attachments help to keep the areas that are hard to reach neat and tidy.

2. Cutting Quality

The Remington PG6025 grooming kit high-quality cuts. Since it has self-sharpening blades, they are always sharp ensuring they give you a close cut. The 3 head attachments available allows you to choose from a variety of lengths. Additionally, they make it possible to trim nose and ear as well as other parts of the body that are hard to trim.

3. Battery and Charger

This trimmer uses a Lithium-ion battery. This battery is termed as the best battery for trimmers since it lasts for long and is rechargeable. This trimmer uses a charging cord instead of charging stand. The Remington PG6025 all-in-1 grooming kit operates with the cord plugged in as long as you leave it to charge for some few minutes not to damage the battery.

4. Attachments

One of the strengths of the Remington PG6025 trimmer is that it comes with a variety of attachments to choose from. These attachments offer you all you would like to get from a trimmer. However, the number is regulated such that you don’t lose some attachments.

Additionally, this trimmer comes in a convenient storage pouch that allows you to keep the trimmer and the attachments intact for easy access when you require it next. This pouch is easy and simple to carry around while traveling.

Just like any other products, this grooming kit cannot please everyone. Despite being a nice grooming kit, it has a few flaws. Additionally, some customers dislike a product since it fails to work with their sensitive skin. Read through for the pros and cons of this trimmer.


• It cuts with surgical steel blades

• Each of the 8 attachments can easily snap on and off easily without breaking

• The lithium-ion battery offers 60 minutes cordless runtime. This is more than enough time to perform the normal trimming.

• Has a well-balanced weight allowing the shaver to shave to the best precision.

• It has a handsome storage pouch making it easy to carry while traveling.

• The Remington PG6025 grooming kit has self-sharpening blades making it last longer than other similar shaving kits in the market.



Despite having a worthwhile list of pros, this grooming kit still has some few things that the developer could still improve on to make it even better.


• Although the blades are self-sharpening, they wear out after about a year or two of routine use.

• The battery life may reduce after replacing the original battery.

• The nose, ear and detail trimmers may sometimes be too big for some ears and noses. (Although not very often)


To conclude, the Remington 6025 is a pretty decent option if you’re looking for a fairly priced beard trimmer. You won’t find many beard trimmers better than this on the market right now.


  • Steve
  • Updated October 14, 2017

How to Shave your Head


Are you looking for a guide that explains how to shave your head? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.


Lets face it; shaved heads are rapidly becoming more popular. I bet half of you who clicked on this link aren’t even balding. And I don’t blame you. Baldy, skinhead. Whatever you wanna call it. It’s totally in fashion right now.

Some men shave their heads for style, while others do it for comfort, while some of us don’t really have a choice! No matter your reasons, learning how to shave your head doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here is a simple five-step guide for shaving your head.

Step 1 – Trim Your Hair

It may seem redundant to trim your hair before you shave it, but this is a necessary step. Hair that is too long will get stuck in your razor. Not only does this hurt, but it also prevents you from getting an even shave.
The easiest way to trim your hair is to use an electric trimmer. Select the shortest guard length, which will cut your hair to the length of stubble.
Be sure to trim all areas of your head, and down your neckline. Don’t worry about getting a perfectly even trim, since you’ll be shaving off what is left.

Step 2 – Wet Your Head

Getting your head wet prior to shaving is crucial. Having wet hair and skin allows for a smoother shave. This, in turn, means you are less likely to have razor bumps. Shaving dry can cause razor burn, inflamed follicles, and blisters.
The ideal time to shave your head is immediately after a warm shower. The hot water and steam open your pores and follicles, so it will be less work for the razor to cut the hair.
If you aren’t able to shower right before you shave your head, there are other options. Try soaking a clean hand towel in warm water, and placing it on your scalp for at least two minutes. Alternatively, lean over the bathroom sink and splash your head with water.

Step 3 – Apply shaving cream.

Lubricants such as shaving cream are necessary for a close shave since they allow your razor to glide over the area. The razor will snag on hair that does not have a lubricant. Applying shaving cream creates a protective layer between the razor and your skin, so that when you shave you remove hair and shaving cream. Without a lubricant, you are shaving off hair and a layer of skin. This results in redness and irritation.
Many shaving creams come with natural additives such as aloe vera or vitamin E. These types of creams are perfect for anybody who has sensitive skin since they have a soothing and calming effect on the skin. They also help minimize irritation and ingrown hairs.
When you apply the shaving cream, make sure you thoroughly cover all the areas you’ll be shaving. Spread a thin layer of the cream over your scalp, making sure you don’t leave any spots left bare. One of the major benefits of using shaving cream is that you can see where you’ve shaved, which decreases the odds that you’ll accidently shave the same spot multiple times.
Hair conditioner also works as a shaving lubricant. Unlike shaving cream, hair conditioner does not leave a highly visible track on your scalp once you’ve been over it with your razor. However, hair conditioner contains significantly more moisturizers than shaving cream does. This means that if you need to go over a spot more than once your skin will still be protected.

Step 4 – Shave

Make sure you have a good razor. Whether you use a manual or electric razor is up to you. A manual razor is a good option for beginners and first-time shavers since they are easier to handle. Electric razors get the job done more quickly but are more expensive than a manual razor. Once you are comfortable with shaving your head you may want to invest in an electric razor.

As you shave, be sure to go slowly. Rushing tends to lead to small cuts and nicks, as well as missing areas. You can either shave in the direction the hair grows, or against the way the hair grows. Each option has its own pros and cons.
Shaving in the same direction that the hair grows will cause the least irritation since the hair naturally bends the way the razor will push it. However, shaving in the opposite directions provides a closer shave. Shaving against the grain is most effective on coarse hair, whereas shaving with the grain is best for softer hair. You may want to try each method and see which you prefer.
Try to shave each area once. Repeatedly covering the same spot increases the chances of ingrown hairs, and also causes more irritation.
Start in the front, along your hairline. In one smooth motion, shave back towards the crown of your head. Repeat this motion all along your hairline, and down each side of your head until you reach your ears. To get the spot immediately behind your ears, use one hand to fold down the top part of your ear.
The very back of your head will be the most difficult part to reach. There are a couple options for taking care of this part of your head.

Option 1 – Use a handheld mirror.

This is the best option for anybody who has not shaved before since you will be able to see what you’re doing. To use a handheld mirror, stand with your back to the bathroom mirror. Hold up the handheld mirror in front of you, and angle it so that you can see the reflection of the back of your head. Now you can shave the spots you couldn’t see before.

Option 2 – Shave against the grain.

If you’re comfortable shaving against the grain, try this method. Tilt your chin down towards your chest. This causes the skin on the back of your head to pull taut and decreases the chances that you will cut yourself. Use your free hand as a guide, and follow the path it makes with your razor. Run your free hand over the back of your head to determine if you have missed any spots.

Step 5 – Aftercare

Rinse off your head with cool water and pat it dry with a clean towel. Avoid wiping or rubbing with the towel, as this will chafe your newly shaven skin.
Once the skin is dry, apply an unscented lotion. Anything with artificial fragrance is likely to create a burning sensation. If you have sensitive skin, try a lotion with vitamin E. This will sooth the skin and help deal with any razor bumps.
For skin that is very dry, consider applying an oil-based product. Coconut oil is an excellent choice, since it is all-natural and will moisturize without leaving a shine.

  • Steve
  • Updated August 2, 2017
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