Best Head Shaver | Buyer’s Guide [Jan ’18]

Are you interested in finding out which of the best hair clippers cut closest to the skin? Or, maybe you like to know which is the best head shaver that you can also use for your stubble? Well, in this extensive guide we cover the top products in the market right now so that you can get that coveted look you desire. It won’t be long until you get the best head trimmer for you.

Deciding on the best way to shave your head can be extremely difficult. I remember back when I first decided to shave my head around ten or so years ago. Unfortunately for me, we didn’t have websites like this one to help make a decision. All we had was the bad adverts off the tele! At first, I started using generic razors. Sometimes, I’ll still use them, but I find that they can be quite irritant (even now!). I then moved up to an electric head shaver that.. well, the less said about it the better. They said it was the ‘best head shaver you’ve ever seen’ on the packaging.. boy, were they wrong. So, I decided to use my years of experience using various different shavers to help you guys ACTUALLY find the best hair clippers and head shaver around!

Anyway, I just wanted to say whether you’re looking for a solid set of the best hair clippers for men or want to know what the best head shaver out right now is, we’ve got you covered in this extensive guide.

Best Hair Clippers for Men – Best Head Shaver

ModelSkull Shaver Bald EagleWahl Balding ClippersRemington HC4250Wahl Lithium IonHeadblade ATXWahl Professional 5 Star OSTER
StyleHead ShaverHair ClippersHead ShaverHair ClippersRazorHead ShaverClippers
Battery90 minutesN/A40 minutes2 hoursN/A60 minutesN/A

Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart
The Skull Shaver is the most innovative product in our list, that’s for sure. The Skull Shaver has actually only been around since the end of 2012, and in that time it’s become one of, if not the most popular head shaver that’s available for you to buy. Designed by bald guys for bald guys, they spotted a huge gap in the market and took advantage of it.

It isn’t like any other best head shaver on the market. It has a unique design that is made to fit the shape of your head whilst you use it. This means that it makes it awesome for areas that men struggle with whilst cutting their hair, like around the ears or the back of the neck. Also, Skull Shaver claim that you can get the job done in 90 seconds. In our eyes, that’s a bit of an overstatement. But, it really doesn’t take more than 4 or 5 minutes to do a really good job.

The Skull Shaver has around a 90 minute battery life. This is great if you need to travel light for a holiday or travelling away for work. Be aware, though that when it get’s down to a lower battery life, it isn’t quite as effective as it is at full battery.

The only thing that really lets the Skull Shaver down is the ability to shave your face. Some of the other shavers in the list do a far better job than the Skull Shaver for this. Of course, this isn’t really a problem if you go clean shaven as you’ll want to invest in a nice razor anyway. It also shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you’re growing out a nice beard, as ideally you should get yourself a good beard trimmer as well to go with your your head shaver. By investing in a beard trimmer as well, it is far easier to define the neckline and shape your beard.

Anyway, the Skull Shaver is a great option if you’re looking for a convenient, quick head shaver that shaves pretty damn close to the skin. Check here for our user review of the skull shaver.


  1. As closer cut you’ll get without a razor
  2. Long lasting
  3. Super easy to use


  1. Can’t use for beard
  2. Pretty expensive
Our VerdictWhilst there are other options, we definitely found this to be the best head shaver for a bald head. The Skull Shaver is the closest cut you are going to get without using a razor; fact.

Wahl Balding Clippers


Wahl Balding Clippers have been around for a while now. American brand Wahl are recognised as producing some of the best hair clippers for both professionals and home use. Whilst the balding clippers originally seem designed for professional use, many people have started using them for home use as well. This is due to the high quality of the product, amongst other things.

These clippers give a great, close professional cut that you won’t get with your average hair clipper. You do have to be careful with them though, as they’re pretty sharp. With any clippers produced by the Wahl brand, you’re really buying their durability and long lasting use. This is no different with the Wahl Balding Clipper; you likely won’t be needing to buy another pair of clippers anytime soon.

Unlike most hair clippers, these are specifically designed for the balding man. They come with two separate grades, so that if you did was to leave a little on top, you can (some of us aren’t fortunate enough to leave a little on top, though!).

The main downside to these balding clippers is the weight of the clippers. They’re pretty big and bulky, which isn’t ideal if you want something light and easily transportable. Though they aren’t ridiculously heavy, it’s a pretty common for any set of clippers to be pretty heavy. Due to their weight, this means they aren’t ideal for using on your own. Most people certainly can do this and use these clippers on your own. But, they won’t be as quick as some of the other best hair clippers for men on our list. If you want a more in depth review, click here.


  1. Professional performance
  2. Long lasting
  3. Really close cut (almost razor but not quite)


  1. Seriously heavy
  2. Really sharp, must be very careful when using
Our VerdictThese are some heavy duty clippers. Whilst they won't be ideal for everyone, we've found that they are the best hair clippers for a bald head. They are called 'balding' clippers for a reason!


The Remington HC4250 is a handy head shaver that comes at a pretty reasonable price. Whilst it is a big bigger than the Skull Shaver and some of the other head shavers, it’s still super light and easy to transport. Is it a top qualityt head shaver? Well..

One of the main advantages of the HC4250 is the ability to use it both corded and un corded, which is fantastic if you need it for travelling and at home. If you’re lazy like me, you’ll probably end up using it corded most of the time. This is when the shaver is at it’s optimal performance, but it’s still good for up to 40 minutes of un corded use.

The HC4250 is probably the easiest head shaver on the list to clean. This is because it’s fully waterproof and washable. When you’re finished shaving, you can just run it under the sink and get rid of all the hair.

If there was a downside to the HC4250, I guess it would be that it might be considered to feel a bit cheap. I mean, this really isn’t an issue for most people, but it doesn’t feel as high quality as some of the other head shavers and hair clippers on our list. If that’s not an issue for you, then this could well be the right head shaver for you.


  1. Very easy to use
  2. Can be used corded and un corded
  3. Good for facial hair too


  1. 40 minute battery life
  2. Feels a bit cheap
Our VerdictIf you're looking for something that you can travel with, we've found that this is the best head shaver for your head and beard. If you hate carrying around two or three different shavers, then this would be a good one to opt for.

 Wahl Lithium Ion Clipperwahl-lithium-ion

The is the second feature from Wahl on the list of the best hair clippers for men that are available right now. Why? Well, simple. Whilst Wahl also provide a variety of other products, they specialising in the very best hair clippers for many years now and are probably the most trusted brand of hair clipper available.

The quick charge feature on this is pretty unique and a great addition. It’s ideal for those that sometimes forget to charge their clipper, which I’m sure most of us reading this have done at some point. For just a 15 minute charge from dead, it will give you 12 full minutes of use, which is more than enough time to get your shaving done.

It also comes with more guide combs than any other clipper on the list. Whilst you might not need these for your hair, they definitely do come in handy for your beard if you have one. That makes this the best hair clippers if you’re looking for just one trimmer to do it ALL. And by all, yes, that also means your chest and some other areas that I don’t want to go into too much detail about.

The only real downside to this clipper is that it isn’t as durable as the Wahl Balding clipper. This isn’t to say it’ll break after one day, but after using it for substantial periods of time, you might want to consider investing in a new one.


  1. Quick charge feature
  2. Long Battery Life
  3. Good Definition


  1. Not as long lasting as others on the list


Our VerdictLooking for an army cut? Well, these are perhaps the best hair clippers for a buzz cut. If you like to keep it short and simple, then the Wahl Lithium Clippers do just that.


Right, now bare with me. I know the Headblade ATX is not a head shaver or a set of hair clippers, but if you’re a balding man and you’re looking for an inexpensive option to shave your head, this might well be your best bet.

Lots of guys want that skin close razor shave. But, they don’t like using a regular razor due to the difficulty and time it takes to do so. The Headblade ATX makes things substantially easier to do this. It’s patented wheels and unique design make it easy to roll all over your head, leaving a nice smooth look. All you do is insert your finger into the small hole and roll the wheels, with the razor following it.

Of course, if you’re not looking to go completely bald, or you don’t like using razors, then this isn’t for you. But, if you are looking for a way to shave your head, then this is a low cost option that is easy to use and will give you a less irritative way of shaving than using a regular razor. Check out a better Headblade review here.


  1. Really cheap
  2. Skin close razor shave
  3. Innovative technology makes it easy


  1. Takes longer than a electric head shaver or hair clippers
  2. Can be irritant for certain people
Our VerdictHair clippers aren't for everyone. Sometimes, they just won't cut close enough for your needs. If you're looking for a close cut, then this is definitely the best head razor - hands down.

Wahl Professional 5 Star Shaver


Again, the third Wahl product on the list brings something slightly different. Whilst Wahl specialise in clippers, they also produce some of the best head shavers, with the best of the bunch being their 5 Star Professional Shaver.

Though many people would buy this shaver and only use it for their beards, it’s also ideal if you want to use it to get a pretty close head shave as well. It has this ‘hypoallergenic’ gold foil, which is specially designed to stop irritation and minimise any bumps and redness.

Again, this is an ideal head shaver for travelling, as it can be used both corded and cordless. It gives a super close shave in both circumstances, whether it’s plugged in or not. This super dramatic video gives a good idea of what the Wahl 5 Star Professional is capable of.


  1. Corded and cordless
  2. Super close shave
  3. Good if you suffer with irritation


  1. Not durable
Our VerdictIt's easy to get stuck in our ways. Wahl have been making trustworthy shavers for yours now, so it's no wonder people want to stay loyal to them. In our eyes, this is the best Wahl head shaver.

 Oster Fast Feed


Finishing our list with the Oster Fast Feed may not be the fairest thing to do. It’s a totally capable hair clipper and would go toe to toe with any of the other best hair clippers in our list, and here’s why.

It’s durable. This hair clipper should last you a long while without the need for any repairs or problems with the mechanism. Some clippers seem to develop an issue over time, though this doesn’t seem to be the case with the Oster Fast Feed.

Perhaps the best thing about the Oster Fast Feed is the grip that you can get on this clipper. It’s pretty easy to hold as it isn’t too big, and it has a good length cord. Oster are experienced in making extremely popular barbers clippers for professional use. Whilst you can use the Oster Fast Feed for professional use, it’s pricing also makes it ideal for home use as well. It’s also super quiet, which makes it ideal if you hate the sound of loud hair clippers.


  1. Pretty durable
  2. Good, firm grip
  3. Quiet


  1. Heavy


Our VerdictWhilst we all wish that we have a limitless budget, the truth is that not all of us can afford to spend over a hundred dollars on a set of hair clippers. If you're pinching pennies, the this set is the best budget hair clippers that you'll find. High quality at a low price.

Things to consider before purchasing


Probably the most important decision you’ll need to make when looking to purchase one of these items is whether you need hair clippers or a head shaver. Hair clippers are great for using if you don’t want to shave it completely off and can use them for a variety of things. If you’re looking to go completely clean shaven, then it’s probably best to opt for a head shaver.

Guide Combs

Going hand in hand with Style, if you do opt for a set of hair clippers, then you might need different comb lengths. This likely won’t be too much of a big deal unless you’re more serious about shaving your head.

Corded vs. Uncorded

Now, for someone who’s always on the go, this is likely to be the most important thing that you’ll have to deal with. All the head shavers we’ve listed are pretty light, and some of them even come with their own carry case. You’ll want something that’s un corded if you’re going to be travelling a lot. It used to be that un corded head shavers weren’t as powerful as their corded rivals, but this is no longer the case. Most head shavers that run on batteries can give as powerful of a head shave as anything corded. Some men opt to use a razor for travelling convenience as it’s smaller than a head shaver. But if you’re having to carry around foam with you whilst you’re travelling, you’re really not saving that much space.

Battery Life

In our eyes, this really isn’t that important. Whether it lasts for 40 or 60 minutes, it’s probable that you will recharge your head shaver at some point in that time. The only time that this will really matter is if you are travelling often and without electric, which most of us are not.


Now, if you’re investing in a good quality method of shaving your head, this shouldn’t be too much of a big deal. Though there are some extremely budget friendly options that we’ve listed if you’re running low on cash.


Common FAQs for hair clippers

How do hair clippers work?

Well, the way that hair clippers work is all based around the internal motor that it uses. The electric current or battery that clippers use will often be more powerful than other electrics due to the necessity for a decent level of power. This power is ideal for fast and efficient head shaving, so don’t be put off by a high wattage on your clipper box. The motor is then attached to a piston with the ‘teeth’ of the clippers. The teeth are just a set of blades that work together to cut through your hair. With the blades working together, they cut through the hair fairly easily. This is why you must try and ensure all of the blades on your hair clippers sharp; one weak link and it could affect the whole trimming system. In most cases, blades will self-sharpen themselves and you won’t need to worry about doing this yourself. As long as you keep them lubricated, everything should continue to work fine.

Oil for hair clippers

There are many cases of people using olive oil for their hair clippers. Whilst they shouldn’t experience any adverse effect if you do this, we’d advise against it. You can pick up some lubricating oil for a cheap price off of Amazon or online, so you don’t really need to olive oil for your clippers. You’d be better off waiting a few days for a delivery. You won’t need to use the same brand oil of the clippers that you’re using. All of the best hair clippers oils are relatively similar, and it’s unlikely you’ll notice a difference (maybe in your pocket!).

Hair clippers on plane

This is a common question that hasn’t been answered too often. The answer really need to be divided into two. Firstly, can you have hair clippers in your checked in luggage? Yes, this isn’t a problem. You won’t need to worry about your hair clippers being an issue if they are part of your checked in luggage. The more common question is that if you can have your clippers in your carry on luggage. We don’t advise this, as although the majority of the time this isn’t an issue, it certainly can be. There have been many instances of people being stopped at carry on due to the sharp blades in their clippers. It’s unlikely, but it’s a possibility that you should be wary of.

How to adjust hair clippers

Of course, all hair clippers are different in their adjustment process. If it’s a magnetic clipper, it will have a dial on the side that you can flip back and forth. This will enable you to adjust the clippers easily. There is another type of clipper that you’ll usually have to remove the entire head of the clipper and change it for a new one. Often these are some of the highest quality clippers around.

How to fade hair with clippers step by step

It’s not easy to learn how to fade with your hair clippers. If you’re looking to get your hair to barber level, then it isn’t going to be easy. This is the best video that we’ve found that can really portray how to fade your hair as an amateur;

Our favorite – Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart

Now, this is a completely unbiased opinion. If you’re looking for something that fits most of the criteria that you need for shaving your head close to the skin, then the skull shaver is likely your best bet for this.

It’s a neat little head shaver that uses a great technology that really conforms to the shape of your head. None of the other listed head shavers and hair clippers do this, which makes the Skull Shaver our choice if you’re looking for the best head shaver around.

Thanks for reading! We appreciate you visiting us. Be sure to check out some of our other articles on for more of your shaving needs!

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