Grave Before Shave are a fairly new brand on the market. Do their products hold up to the standard of other, established brands?


The Intro

 So, it seems the Grave Before Shave Beard Care Pack has everything that you need. If you are a bearded man or you want to make your beard to grow, then you don’t really need to look any further than this. 4 high quality items are included in the package. Is this a perfect gift for you? Let’s have a look. Maybe you will find just what are you looking for.


Product details


The Grave Before Shave Beard Care Pack includes:

  • Tube of Grave Before Shave beard wash – 6oz
  • Bottle of Grave Before Shave beard oil (Bay Rum Scent) – 1oz
  • Tin of Grave Before Shave beard balm (Bay Rum Scent) – 2oz
  • Hair beard brush


Grave Before Shave Beard wash


This facial hair shampoo is a perfect replacement for old beard soups. It leaves your skin and beard soft. Even the most sensitive skin will have no problems with this wash. It is easy to use. Just get your beard wet, put a bit of the Beard wash and wash it away.

The Grave Before Shave Beard wash is best for medium-long length beards. Most products usually specify the same thing, as there’s no point wasting money of beard washes and products if you only have stubble.


Grave Before Shave Beard oil (Bay Rum Scent)

The best product for conditioning and strengthening your beard hair. In order for you to have a healthy beard, this oil is an amazing solution. It is also perfect for treating the skin under your beard. No more itching! The Bay Rum Scent gives the special note to this beard oil.

With this amazing balm your beard will become so soft and skin under the beard will be healthier than ever. It has only natural ingredients. The scent is also very nice and the users comment that even the smell fades, it somehow stays a bit on the beard as long as the balm is there too.



The conclusion

 Most of the reviews about Grave Before Shave Beard care pack are positive. In one, you will get all you need in order to have healthy and soft beard. All the products are perfect for the skin under the beard too. Oil and balm both have Bay Rum Scent, which makes both products unique. This package is perfect for men who travel a lot, as the bottles are small and it can be easy packaged into travel bag. Everyone knows you need a good beard care set with a decent beard trimmer.