Mountaineer Beard Kit has all you need if your considering to start growing your beard. But it also great for those who already have a long beard and use a beard trimmer. What does it have inside? Will you be satisfied with the products? Let’s see what Mountaineer has to offer…


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The Intro


With Mountaineer Beard products, you will have an amazing beard. The Mountaineer Beard gives your beard all ingredients in order to be clean, conditioned and well groomed. The package includes wash, oil, balm and a brush.

All products are natural and cruelty-free, they weren’t tasted on animals. They don’t have heavy scents or artificial perfumes.


Product details

The package includes:

  • WV Timber beard wash – 4oz
  • WV Timber beard oil – 2oz
  • Magic beard balm – 2oz tin
  • Military-style beard brush
  • All natural products
  • No animal products
  • Cruelty free – no animal testing
  • High quality ingredients



Features of the product


Mountaineer beard brush

This is one of the best features of this kit. The users are very satisfied with this incredible brush which finds its way through the knotted beard. It leaves the beard so smooth in the end, that you will fall in love with it after first usage.


The beard wash

Perfect for all skin types, even the sensitive skin won’t have problems with this wash, as all ingredients are natural. It doesn’t act like a shampoo or a soup and it leaves your beard smooth and silky. Use it 2 to 3 times a week.


The beard oil

One more amazing feature, is this Mountaineer beard oil. It will make wonders with your beard. you will get such a smooth beard without knots. It has a nice smell too, so you just won’t have excuses not to love it. Use it daily for the best results.


The beard balm

It also, like all other products, has a very nice smell. It will provide you the most healthy beard hair that you can possible imagine. As the provided beard oil, you should use this beard balm also every day.


The Conclusion

 Mountaineer Beard offers men around the world a great kit which includes a wash, a balm, an oil and a great brush for your beard. If you have problems with keeping your beard under control or it is too dry, this product is more than likely the best solution for you. They are all made of natural ingredients, which are also cruelty-free. If you have problems with your beard smelling not that great, well, this product will help you with that also. You won’t be disappointed with this great Mountaineer Beard Kit.