Is it your biggest wish to finally find a trimmer that comes with various attachments that you actually need? The all in one product, which will have everything that you could want in a trimmer? Well, if the answer is yes, the Remington PG520 is maybe the right product for you! Let’s have a look on all features and the pros and cons about this trimmer. It will help you to decide if it’s the right one for you.

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The Intro

Remington is a worldwide famous company for its electric products – especially it’s high quality shavers. Among them, you can find a lot of great beard trimmers. The Remington PG520 is undoubtedly one of them (check out the PG6171 too, or the HC4250 if you’re after a head shaver combo. But, back to the PG520. This all in one trimmer comes with 10 different attachments for nose, ears and eyebrows trimming. It’s a great choice if you’re growing a super long beard. It also has a kit for body grooming, which really does make it the ultimate all round trimmer.


Product details

  • 2 years of warranty
  • Storage and charging stand
  • Various trimmer attachments
  • Cordless use
  • Titanium blades


Features of the product



Remington PG520 has six interchangeable attachments: self-sharped trimmer, mini shaver, a hair clipper comb with 10 length settings, a moustache and beard comb with 5 adjustable settings, a detail trimmer, a linear nose and ear hair attachment. It also comes with body groomer, which has a wide blade for easy removing body hairs.


Titanium blades

The main trimmer has self-sharped titanium blades. The quality of the blades are excellent and you won’t have to worry if they will become rusty soon.





 Easy to handle – Remington PG520 has a rubber grip and it fits easily in each hand. The grip is non-slipping.


 Cord/cordless use and a good battery – The trimmer can be used both corded or cordless. The battery is strong, and it has to be charged for about an hour for maximum capacity.


 The price – For a trimmer which has so many attachments the price is not high. Consider that you won’t have to buy any new trimmer while you are using this one, the amount of money you have to spent is not very big.


Easy cleaning – No oil is needed to clean the PG520. It can be washed with water only, and that’s what is best for it long term.



There are some users who are not very satisfied with this product. There are many who are happy with it, but there are also those who find this trimmer very bad. The main reasons for this are;

It’s plastic – And this likely means that it breaks pretty easily. If you’re after a heavy duty beard trimmer, then this isn’t the best option for you.

Battery life – The problem with the battery is that it can only hold just for 20-30 minutes. This might not be an issue for you, but it can be for many.


The Conclusion

Overall, this isn’t a bad beard trimmer and the general consensus about this product is pretty positive. Most of the people I’ve spoken to are satisfied with it. The price is not very high; if you think how many product you actually get in one, then it’s a pretty great deal. You won’t have to think about buying separate trimmers for each body part, because with this trimmer you get all in one, which is great! Even the attachment for body grooming, which is great for all unwanted body hairs. Overall, a pretty solid option but not the best on the market either.

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