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Is the Beardsley in the Box Beard Care Gift Set one of the best gifts sets you can get for your man? Well, it seems it is a perfect gift for all those men who are in love their beards (not as much as their partners, hopefully!). The attractive pinewood box makes this gift set even more desirable. But does it have everything that you need? Let’s take a look…


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The Intro

The premier brand worldwide, Beardsley and Company, has made the best products for beards available on the markets nowadays. Their shampoos, conditioners, oils and lotions are among bestselling all over the world. All of their product are unique, contains natural herbal extracts and well worth the price.

This wonderful Beardsley in the Box Beard Care Gift Set is a wonderful set of products for each men who needs to take care of their long beard. The set contains a pair of shampoos, a conditioner, a bottle of oil and a lotion. Every good beard trimmer needs a solid beard care set to take care of your prized possession.


Product details


The Beardsley in the Box comes in an unique and attractive pinewood box. The products inside are:

Wild Berry and Cantaloupe Ultra shampoo for Beards – all of their shampoos are specially formulated for mustaches and beards. Your beard and mustaches will be clean and fresh after using any of these shampoos.

The Beardsley Ultra Conditioner – after using this conditioner your skin will be smooth and your beard will become soft.

Beardsley Lotion for Beards – this is a very unique product on the market. All users recommend it as the best lotion they ever had. It contains cool, aromatic scent of Bay Rum.

Beardsley Oil for Beards – your beard will be smooth and easy to comb after using this oil. It will give you wonderful results.


Features of the product


The Package – The package of shampoos and conditioner is 8 ounce and of lotion and oil is 4 ounce. As you need to use only a small amount of the product, those packages will last you for a long time.


Ingredients – All four products of Beardsley in the Box set, contains only natural products combined with man-made ingredients.



 Beard becomes softer – With using of all of these 4 products, your beard will become softer and much easier to control. All 4 products contains ingredients which make you beard healthier and much nicer. You beard or mustaches will be always fresh, clean and unusually soft.

 The price is affordable – The Beardsley in the Box is a set of 5 products (2 x shampoo, conditioner, lotion and oil). For not a high price, you will get all of those wonderful products packed in an incredible wooden box. If you choose to buy products separately, the price will be bigger and you won’t have all wrapped together. No matter if you choose to take it as a present, or you buy it for yourself, this gift set  is the best choice.

Made for all kinds of facial hairs – No matter if you beard is long or short, all those products are designed to manage all kinds of beards/mustaches.


 The scent – Reviews of the users say that some of them didn’t like the smell of the oil and other products. Some of them posted about getting their skin dry after using it. But most of other reviews were positive, as an average review is 4.5 stars.


The Conclusion

 The Beardsley in the Box Beard Care Gift Set is a set of 5 products which comes in a wooden box. The set is made for taking care of men’s beard and it contains all necessary products. The scent and ingredients are wonderful and it all makes your facial hears look great and soft. Wooden box is a great way to pack your gift, so you won’t be disappointed if you choose to buy this amazing set for you man.