6 Vital Things About Scalp Micropigmentation You’re Probably Not Aware Of

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Hair loss is one of the most common problems that affect adults. Hair loss solutions don’t work for everybody. Therefore, it can be difficult to know which treatment is best for you. However, the only treatment that provides an innovative and long-term solution for baldness is scalp micro pigmentation, also referred to as “hairline tattoos” or “scalp tattoos.” That said, read on for six important things you might not know about micro-pigmentation.

1. What It Is

Scalp micro-pigment, SMP for short, is a leading cosmetological procedure where trained professionals use microneedles to introduce pigment into your hair follicles. Hair pigmentation creates a natural shaved hair head look. The usual number of courses for SMP treatment is two. At the first consultation, the professional will decide on the correct pigment color and desired hairline. Next is the first treatment, where the pigment is applied to each hair follicle and can irritate the skin and form a scab. The scalp looks red at first but fades a few days later. The scab usually falls within 4 days, showing a thin layer of pigment.


Usually, the second treatment is given 1-2 weeks later. The professional adds more pigments to create the shade you’re looking for and provide more density. Dark shades are usually used at this stage. Every round of treatment lasts 3-5 hours. If necessary, a third treatment may be given. Some specialists require a third treatment only if the pigment appears to have faded. The third process reapplies the pigment to give your hair a finished look.

2. How Effective It Is

This process is as permanent as a normal tattoo. However, pigments may need to be retouched at a five-year marker. This usually correlates with the quality of the original treatment. That’s why it is crucial to take your time finding a highly-qualified clinic or professional. It is important to look for a professional place to achieve the best results. If you live in Florida, you can check reviews about Eximious Scalp Micropigmentation Academy and read more about the services they offer to ensure that you’re making the right decision. Quality treatments look natural and last for years, while some bad practitioners can make the scalp look unnatural and your pigment may fade after just a few months.

3. Results

When it comes to men, scalp micro-pigment results in a newly-shaved-head look. Hairlines can change based on the natural pattern of your hair, but can usually be what you want, including more youthful ones. The shaved look of the micropayment is similar to real hair. No one can tell that it’s a hairline tattoo. 


Alternatively, most women don’t desire a freshly shaved appearance and prefer to increase their hair density. For people with thin hair, specialists can use microneedles to insert color between the hairlines to create a thicker hair look. This technology can also hide scars on the scalp caused by surgeries or accidents. The pigment is inserted along the scar and around it, providing realistic and striking results.

4. Who Is It for?

Scalp micro pigmentation is the right treatment for bald people. It can beat the balding effects by introducing a freshly shaved appearance. This procedure is also recommended for thin-haired adults who like to have higher hair density. If you’re not too keen on hair transplants, this process may be a good solution for you. Scalp scars, birthmarks, and burns can also be concealed by scalp micro-pigmentation. This process can effectively obscure these types of scalp marks. Moreover, people suffering from alopecia can benefit from scalp micro-pigmentation as it can be a permanent solution instead of going for hair transplants or wearing wigs.

5. Cost

Scalp micro-pigment cost is cheaper than hair transplantation and other long-term hair loss solutions. The cost of this procedure depends on the specialist and the length of the treatment. Estimates for the cost of a typical bald treatment range from $1,800 to $4,000. However, scar treatment is cheaper; the cost varies between $1,200 and $ 2,500 because less area is covered. Nonetheless, this process is still considered an inexpensive treatment for hair loss, given the permanent hair pigmentation.

6. Downsides

Although scalp micro-pigmentation has several benefits, it has a few downsides. Some people may like the idea that it is permanent. However, this means that you’ll have to change your hairline with lasers in case you don’t like it. Moreover, pigments can fade faster from UV sun rays. Nonetheless, you can always utilize sunscreen to keep your head protected. Even though SMP hair looks natural, it doesn’t have the texture of a real shaved head. It also provides limited hairstyling possibilities.

Almost 40% of men have witnessed some type of hair loss by the time they turn 49; many of them experience severe hair loss. Women also are vulnerable to hair loss, which makes their hair look thin and undefined. Scalp micro pigmentation is the ultimate cost-effective solution that provides the most natural appearance.

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