5 reasons why you should avoid getting a hair tattoo

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Dinosaurs. Baggy pants. Fidget spinners. These are all examples of things that were once on top of the world, but are now extinct in terms of popularity.

In recent years it seems to have become popular for balding men to get hair tattoos. And for some strange reason, this whole phenomena hasn’t gone extinct yet.

I’m usually not one to judge someone on their hair choices. Want to shave your hair off completely? Great choice. Want to try Rogaine and other hair loss products? Not for me, but I don’t blame you for doing it. Want to get a horrific toupee like Donald Trump? Looks stupid, but go right ahead.

But for the life of me, I just can’t work out why anyone.. anyone.. would consider getting a fake hair tattoo.

If you’re unfamiliar with a hair tattoo, it’s essentially where someone tattoos tiny dots onto your head to replicate hair. Yes, it’s a thing.

So, let’s have a look at my case for why you should totally avoid getting a hair tattoo.

It screams insecurity

Whether you’re in the dating world, the corporate world or somewhere else – confidence is key to you being successful in your life.

Getting a hair tattoo is a massive cry of insecurity. You’re essentially screaming to everyone that you’re not comfortable in your own skin, which is majorly unattractive.

And let’s face it; if you go to work bald one week, and with some ‘hair’ on your head the next week, you’re not going to be fooling anyone.

It’s too damn expensive

A hair tattoo can run you into the thousands of dollars, so it’s not something that you should consider lightly. Another issue is that you will undoubtedly need to get maintenance on your hair tattoo further down the line.

It’s hella painful

The majority of people avoid getting a tattoo on their head. Granted, this is likely because they don’t want to be an outcast of society, but there are those amongst us that still go ahead and get themselves a head tattoo.

And it hurts. Like, really bad. Think about the pain of getting a normal tattoo, and amplify that by 10. And if you don’t have any tattoos to compare this feeling too, just imagine someones taking a drill to your skull for several hours.

If it goes wrong, you’re in real trouble

As you can see from Fousey, there’s a real chance that your hair tattoo isn’t going to go as well as you planned it too. That’s because there’s a real lack of professionals in the ‘head tattooing’ industry.

All you really need to do is have a look at some of the bad hair tattoos that have been done online and then you can weigh up in your own mind whether it’s really worth the risk.

It just looks bad

The main issue with a hair tattoo is that it’s never going to look real. If you don’t have any hair on your head, then it’s definitely going to shine under lighting. Yes, some bald heads shine more than others, but generally they will all shine when the sun bounces off it.

A Hair Tattoo might look good from a certain angle and under a certain lighting.

If you have a hair tattoo, it doesn’t stop your head from reflecting the sun. So whilst the tattoo might look normal in dimly lit rooms, in the sunshine it will still reflect the sunlight pretty clearly. Which looks kinda weird.


In conclusion, this is all my opinion and perspective on reasons why you should avoid getting a hair tattoo. The choice whether you want to get a hair tattoo is up to you.

For me, there’s just too much risk that it will go wrong, and besides that – I’m of the opinion that if you’re going bald, you should just accept it! It really isn’t the end of the world, which is evident by the countless successful bald men currently dominating society.

You don’t need a hair tattoo if you’ve dealt with hair loss. If you’re fully bald and still haven’t accepted yourself for who you are, then you’re just holding yourself back.

The sooner you accept your bald headed self, the sooner you can concentrate on the more important things in life.


2 thoughts on “5 reasons why you should avoid getting a hair tattoo”

  1. Very interesting, I never knew a hair tattoo was a real thing. I have been losing my hair for years, rather prematurely (I had a small bald spot by 18 years of age) but I have come to accept and even love the look of my shaved bald head. I am actually more interested in having my remaining hair permanently removed so I don’t have to shave anymore

    • Yeah bud, I’ve also looked into getting a permanently bald head (in fact, I do so any time I accidentally cut myself shaving, which is rare nowadays). In the long run, I’m going to keep shaving every other day for the next few years and then re-evaluate. But yeah, I’d much rather laser it all off than consider a hair tattoo.

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