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Who are the Sexiest Bald Men for Baldspiration?

I get it. We all have those days where we wish we had long, flowing locks of hair. Some days, I crawl out of bed and just wish I could grow my hair out like Samson. But, we all know that the source of our power isn’t truly in our hair; in fact, there are many studies that show going bald is indeed a sign of power and virility.

Yet, there are days when I get a bit down about not having the option to have a mohawk. So, what do I do on those days to reaffirm myself of my masculinity? You guessed it. I have a look at the sexiest bald men I can find that show us there’s no shame in going bald. These guys are some of the best forms of baldspiration around today. You’ll find the usual suspects, but also some others you might not have heard of.

Jason Statham




We start the list off with Hollywood hunk Jason Statham. The likelihood is you’ve heard about this balding beauty from featuring in a variety of good (think Snatch) and extremely bad (think Revolver) movies over the past few decades.

Coupled with his strong jawline and great physique, Jason is a great role model for anyone looking for some baldspiration. One of the first things to do when you realise you’re going bald is to consider hopping on the gym train. Defining that jawline can make you infinitely more confident about your appearance. Saying this, Jason gets bonus points for letting his remaining hair grow out and not shaving it totally bald. Not because it looks better, I personally prefer a completely shaven head. It’s just he clearly doesn’t give a f**k what anyone thinks; and it works.

There’s no doubt that Jason is a good looking fella, and he’s definitely had his fair share of the ladies. He’s settled down now with model Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley; not too bad for a balding fella, eh?


Zinedine Zidane


Zinedine Zidane, or Zizou, is one of the greatest soccer (or football) players of all time. After playing for some of the biggest clubs in the world like Juventus, he then advanced into his managerial career at Real Madrid, where he was also a player.

He started balding in his early twenties and would shamelessly rep the bald look without shaving. It didn’t matter to him as long as he was playing soccer and scoring goals. His charismatic nature and French nonchalance added to his attractiveness, as we all know confidence is sexy.

Zidane is a prime example of a man who has matured with grace. In fact, I would argue with you that Zinedine actually looks better now than back in his playing days. He clearly uses a head shaver every few days, and his current look totally works.


Milan Vukmirovic


I don’t blame you for not having heard of Milan Vukmirovic. He’s not mentioned in the media every single day, and isn’t a hollywood superstar like some of the other mentions in our list. But for me, he’s the most important feature, and here’s why.

Milan is an award winning fashion designer who has worked with many brands like Gucci and Trussardi. Though you might not have heard of him, he’s been a major influence in the fashion industry over previous decades. You can Google his name to get tons of fashion inspiration as he’s probably the best dressed bald man in the entire world.

Milan is a massive advocate of maintaining a good physique. By good, this doesn’t necessarily mean super muscly. You don’t have to be super muscular to pull off the bald look. Like Milan, you can just aim for a nice lean physique that helps accentuate your features.


Bruce Willis


You knew he’d be on here. No list of the sexiest bald men would be complete without Bruce, who helped pioneer the baldy movement back in the 80s with the ultimate action movie Die Hard.

Bruce’s stages of balding have been clear to see for the public throughout his acting career. This didn’t stop him from becoming one of the biggest movie stars in the world. In fact, it probably helped him.

As balding is synonymous with power, Bruce’s balding look made him perfect for roles as an action hero.


Stanley Tucci


Stanley Tucci is pretty well known for as a film director, writer and producer. He really became apparent to the younger generation for his role in The Hunger Games and The Lovely Bones, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award.

Unlike his character in The Lovely Bones who sports a horrific combover, in real life Tucci has opted for the complete shave. It no doubt suits him a lot more than the other alternative.

Stanley jokes in this video that being bald ‘won’t ever be in’.

We think you’re wrong, Stanley.

Pep Guardiola


Okay, I know it’s another soccer player but I’m trying to feature a few of the sexiest bald men that you don’t see plastered over every internet site *cough* The Rock *cough*.

As well as being a fantastic footballer, Pep has gone on to have a successful managerial carer in the Spanish, German and English League.

It’s no secret that Pep is an attractive man. His hispanic roots give give a darker skin tone which really suits his suave bald look. Although you can’t change your ethnicity, you can get yourself a nice tan if you’re a caucasian male. This will undoubtedly gain you a few points on the sexy scale.


Michael Jordan


It’s common knowledge that going bald is not that bigger deal for black guys. Why? It could be the lack of stark contrast and inability to see the horseshoe around the back of the head. It could be that the majority of black guys seem to cut their hair pretty short anyway. Or, it could be that bald black guys just look way cooler than everyone else.

Anyway, the title of the ‘quintessential bald black guy’ is debatable; honourable mentions go out to Tyrese Gibson and Damon Wayans for also pulling this look off with ease. But Michael Jordan pipped these two fellas to the post; he’s definitely one of the sexiest bald men of all time.

His athletic physique and dominance in sport propelled MJ to global superstar. We’re sure it was a lot easier to focus when he didn’t have to worry about going to the barbers anymore.


The Rock


Most of the features on our list weren’t massive muscular guys.  This was kind of proving a point that you don’t have to be ripped to look good and be confident as a bald man. Saying this, The Rock definitely suits the big, bulky bald look.

After he started receding in his thirties, he took to shaving it right down to the skin. Whilst going bald can be quite a distressing time for most men, it wasn’t that bigger deal for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Maybe it’s because he knew people were more interested in his charismatic personality that if he had hair on his head or not.

Whilst you don’t have to be muscly to pull off the bald look, it can definitely help. Even if it’s only for self confidence, going to the gym and improving your body can also help improve your mindset. If there’s anything women, and men, find attractive, it’s confidence.

Thanks for reading about the sexiest bald men! Be sure to check out some of our other great posts and to check which head shaver is best for you!

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Why the Toupee went out of Fashion

Whilst you might still see the occasional toupee on an older gentleman, the majority of people have disregarded the need for a toupee. The toupee, once an essential for the disheartened balding man, has declined rapidly in recent years. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

You’ll struggle to find a man who openly talks about his toupee. In fact, you’ll rarely find a man even wearing a toupee nowadays, and if you do, you likely wouldn’t know it. Toupees have advanced dramatically in their appearance. With improvements in technology, it’s hard to distinguish between a toupee and real hair. However, this is only the case if you can afford an expensive option, as cheaper options tend to be of a lower quality.

The costs definitely add up

Much like Minoxidil and other baldness preventing practices, toupees aren’t cheap. In fact nowadays they’re cheaper than ever, but that still hasn’t helped their popularity.

After all things are considered, the average monthly price of a toupee can range anywhere between $50-300+ dollars a month. Now ask yourself this; would you pay $36,000 for 10 years of wearing a toupee? No, we wouldn’t either. It’s far easier to just accept balding and embrace it.

If you’re wondering why the costs are so high, it’s because modern toupees need a lot of maintenance. In fact, many toupee deals have a monthly maintenance scheme that you need to sign up for. Another issue with wearing a toupee is that you can’t just have one; having 2 or 3 toupees is a necessity. By having three toupees, you have one to wear, one being cleaned and another to be a spare.

Have toupees ever been in fashion?

Despite popular belief, toupees were never actually as popular as they’re perceived to have been. They’ve been used for comic relief since the early 1930’s, and were famously ridiculed in a Monty Python sketch in the 1960’s;

Whilst there are they did genuinely reach a small amount of popularity in the 60’s and 70’s, there’s no doubt that they have never truly been fashionable. They have always been considered as a ‘last resort’. One of the reasons that toupees became so popular is that in the mainstream film industry, actors were required to be handsome. Now, evidently nowadays we can realise that you don’t need a full head of hair to be handsome – a al Bruce Willis – but back in those days, it was a necessity.

Whilst toupees might have been popular amongst celebrities and those in the media, they weren’t for everyday folk. This is likely due to their high price and their often mocked status by many comedians.

The first real breakthrough actors to show us that a toupee wasn’t a necessity were Telly Savalas and Yul Brynner – the latter of whom shaved his head for his role in The King and I.


So… What really caused their (limited) popularity to decrease?

There are a few reasons that toupees have become less popular over recent years. Whilst it’s certainly a combination of things, it’s pretty clear what the primary reason for this is. The answer? Technology.


Yes, the expense of toupees is a factor. Yes, the fact toupees have been mocked openly in the media also matters. But nothing has had a greater negative impact on the toupee industry than technology. For those who really aren’t happy with their balding state, there are now better and more sustainable options than using a toupee.

Although hair transplants have been present for more than 70 years, the quality of them improved dramatically in the late eighties. This technology improves year upon year, making them a genuine option for people who wish to revive their former self. Although this method is expensive, it has genuine results.

Of course, another method of combatting hair loss is using minoxidil. When was minoxidil discovered? Again, in the late eighties Rogaine launched their minoxidil brand, which became instantly popular with men worldwide. Proven by scientists to help reduce the speed of hair loss, this too contributed to the dramatic decrease in toupee sales.


It isn’t for me to say whether I think a toupee, minoxidil or a hair transplant is the correct option for someone to choose. Whilst I would never advertise these methods, this is truly down to the individual to decide whether this will help satisfy them and improve their quality of life.

I can, however say that I am a happily bald man. I’ve never thought about trying any of these methods to help with hair loss, because in my eyes, it’s not something that needs ‘help’. It is a natural occurrence in over 50% of men around the globe. I’ve accepted it, and hopefully you will too.


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7 Mustache Styles You Might Want to Consider

If you’re considering a new look, then there’s not many that are more unique than sporting a mustache. The right mustache can transform you from baby to badboy; here are some of the more interesting mustaches that you might want to consider if you’re looking to impress.


The Mexican Mustache

The Mexican mustache has been a staple amount mustach-keers for many, many years. Duly dubbed the Mexican due to the prominence of men sporting it down South, this classic is actually popular throughout the whole of Latin America. Whilst in recent years it might have died down in regards to popularity, this is only due to the increase in full beards to accompany the mustache. This one isn’t for the light hearted; you’re going to turn heads if you walk into the party sporting a full Mexican.


Whilst you might think that the Mexican mustache is little more than a gag, it’s steeped in history and racial undertones.

There are many who think that you can’t sport a true Mexican mustache without any form of other facial hair. A true Mexican stands alone in all it’s glory, without any scruffy beard to detract from its magnificence. Whilst we do agree that this type of mustache often works best alone, there are some examples of the Mexican working with small glimpses of facial hair.

The Michael Cera Mustache


The Michael Cera mustache has become so famous, we think that it deserves a category of it’s own. A slightly thicker variety of the pencil mustache, it isn’t one that we advise you sport. Why? Well, it takes a certain type of individual to pull this mustache off. Namely, Michael Cera. He is literally the only person that should ever consider sporting this thick pencil mustache. Don’t do it.

The Pencil Mustache


Everything that the Michael Cera mustache should be, the conscious and meticulous grooming that’s necessary for a thin pencil mustache will make all the difference between the two looks. There’s a need for symmetry with this look, as it’s one of the more noticeable mustaches, especially when you consider the amount of facial hair actually appearing on your face.

Not everyone can pull off the pencil mustache, with it favourable amongst older and more distinguished gentleman.

The Mario Mustache


Have you ever seen a picture of Mario without his mustache? Well, you don’t want to; it’s downright creepy. Whilst you might struggle to get the upturn that Mario has on his mustache, it’s a good example of a thicker mustache that you can sport that will help make you look more distinguished.

A good way to grow out a thicker mustache like this is to grow out your beard in it’s entirety, and later take away the beard after several months. One issue with the Mario mustache it’s that it’s necessary to be able to grow thick facial hair, which not all of us can do.

The Walrus Mustache

walrus-mustacheThe Walrus Mustache is declining in popularity due to it’s sheer audacity, but if you can pull it off you’re sure to have the ladies swooning. In order to pull off the Walrus mustache properly, you’ll need to be a 19th Century philosopher or at the very least, some sort of eccentric hipster.

The Hitler Mustache


Honestly, if you’re thinking about sporting this one then you’ve got some pretty big cajones – be careful, you might give off the wrong impression (and there’s no worse impression than the Nazi impression).



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What are some of the signs of balding?

Male pattern baldness affects the majority of men at some point in their lifetime. Sometimes it isn’t until late in a man’s life, but often it can come much sooner. Often, people will try to portray that as a negative thing. This is because the hair loss industry is worth billions and billions of dollars. Of course, people will always do anything to make a few dollars, including making you feel bad about yourself. There are plenty of men that prove baldness can be sexy.

However, for most men when they start balding, it can be quite distressing. But how do you know that you’re going bald? You don’t just wake up one day with no hair, do you? Well, no, you don’t. Whilst a substantial amount of men will start to bald by the age of 30, there are various different ways that you can be sure you are experiencing male pattern baldness.

Though the likelihood is that if you think you’re experiencing male pattern baldness you probably are, there are some other possibilities that could be causing you to bald. Some of these include trauma, steroid abuse and the most common cause, Hypothyroidism. Though in all honesty, the likelihood is that if you’re a male in their late 20s or older, then you’re experiencing regular male pattern baldness. So, we’ve compiled a short list with some of the signs of balding to help you realise if you’re starting to lose your beloved hair for good.

Finding hair on your hairbrush


Although this won’t be the case for all men, one of the common signs of balding will be finding lots of your hairs on your hairbrush. This is, of course, more noticeable in men with longer hair, as it will be more prone to falling out.

Though this is a possible indicator of going bald, finding hair on your hairbrush or pillow isn’t a guaranteed sign of male pattern baldness.

 Receding hairline


The first signs of balding are often a receding hairline. Although this can be gradual, often a receding hairline can occur with some speed.

You’ll usually notice a receding hairline starting to occur around the temple area before anywhere else. Sometimes in certain cases, it will start directly at the front of your hairline. A receding hairline is a pretty good indicator that you’re starting the journey of male pattern baldness.

Hair thinning


Some people naturally have thin hair throughout their life. But, a good sign of telling if you’re experiencing male pattern baldness is that your hair will begin to thin out. This is one of the best signs of balding.

For most men, their hairline will begin to recede before anything else. Though in some cases, your hair can start to thin out before you experience any receding in the front of your hair. Many men think that you start balding from the front and then the baldness will thin out the back, leaving you with the option of fully bald, a horrific comb over or just leaving it as it is. This isn’t the case, however. Your can start the balding process in any order, and many people experience hair thinning from the back before they experience any hair loss around the front or the temples.

Curly/Wispy Hair


Whilst this is actually pretty hard to determine, another way of telling if your male pattern baldness is progressing is that you’ll start to notice your hairs are more curly or wispy.

The most common place to notice these hairs start to develop is around the neckline. If you feel around the back of your neck, you might notice that your hair feels a bit curlier than usual. This will only be noticeable if you usually have a longer hairstyle, though.


Whilst there are several ways to determine whether you are experiencing male pattern baldness, it’s probably best to go and see a specialist. Make an appointment with your doctor who will help you with this. If this is the case, the best thing to do is accept that you are balding and decide whether to keep your hair long, or invest in a something to shave your head with and go full baldy! Thanks for checking out this post! Please, feel free to browse around the website for more info!

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Headblade ATX Review: The ‘All Terrain’ Head Razor

The Headblade ATX was introduced back in 2012, and has now become an extremely popular alternative to the Mach 3 and other regular razors. But is this validated? Is it worth the extra money for a razor that just, well, looks kinda like a kids toy with blades on the back? Well..

Headblade ATX Review


The Intro

First things first, let me just get the obvious out the way. As with the old Headblade products, this isn’t anything majorly groundbreaking in the world of head shaving. Essentially, it’s just a regular razor blade attached to a funky looking contraption that makes shaving slightly easier. Harsh? Yes, probably.

Why is it harsh? Well, in fairness, the Headblade ATX does make it a million times easier to shave than using a razor. It’s basically a little finger attachment that you slip your middle finger into, rest your ring finger next to it and roll it along your head. I’m really not oversimplifying this, but I do have to say it is pretty ingenious to think of something so simple, that makes shaving your head that much easier.

Please note: This is a completely unbiased review. I have not been sent anything free from Headblade to influence my thoughts. I’ve paid full price for all my products as I am always looking for an optimal shave and, of course, to help you guys get a quality product!



This is what the Headblade ATX looks like underneath.


Opening the Headblade ATX

I bought mine online, and I was pretty surprised when it came to see how small it actually was. The small tyres on the ATX were the first thing that I really noticed; these seemed like a massive improvement on the old Headblade, on which the tyres were plastic and felt very cheap. This felt like more effort had gone into the production of the model and the quality of the ATX is definitely better than the previous model.

The ATX still uses the same Headblade black and yellow colors of its predecessors. I can’t say I’m a massive fan of the design, but then there are far more important aspects to be considered.


Using the Headblade ATX

The main aspect where I find a real difference with the Headblade ATX is the back on the head and the neck; I just can’t get to the places comfortably with a regular razor, and it often end up having to go over the same spot several times to make sure. As you can see in the video below with MMA fighter Pete Spratt, you can slide down the back of your head easily and swiftly.

Another real positive for me personally would be that whilst I’m travelling a lot, this thing takes up next to no room in my suitcase. When I’m using my electric shaver, I do sometimes find that it can be an inconvenience when travelling light, especially when I used to use the Wahl Balding Clippers; they were a complete nightmare to travel with.

Perhaps the biggest plus of using the Headblade is the cheap price; you can purchase it at as low at $15.00 on its own. It’s is advised to pay slightly more, though and get yourself the full kit, as it’s cheaper than buying the cartridges and ‘HeadSlick’ separately.


Can I use my Headblade elsewhere?

Initially, I used the Headblade on my head only, keeping a neat short beard with my Gillette Styler. I did, however, use it on my face the one time, as I like to go completely clean shaven now and then (but not often!). I felt that the Headblade was really as smooth on the face as it was on my head. Sometimes I get razor burn, especially around the neck area, when I’m using cheaper razors or if I don’t take enough care; this was not an issue at all with the Headblade (I did make sure to use lots of cream and aftershave balm, though).

Can you use the ATX on other areas of your body? Well, I used it pretty comfortably on my chest without any irritation. I generally avoid wet shaving around the nether regions, but for the purposes of this review, I did try using the Headblade around THAT area; it was fine, with some slight irritation later that day (I still don’t think I’ve found a razor to completely avoid irritation around the pubic region).


Negatives of the Headblade ATX

The only real negative I can think of with the Headblade ATX is that it doesn’t shave as close as some of the older Headblade models. Or even a regular razor, for that matter. I think that this is a sacrifice that Headblade have made deliberately, though, in exchange for a smoother and less irritative shave. It still shaves pretty damn close. But I know there are plenty of people out there who have stuck with their Mach for the past thirty years because they want that completely ‘clean’ look. It’s unlikely for this to be an issue with the Headblade, but just bear that in mind.

Another possible negative is that without an adaptor, you can only use the razors that Headblade sell. They are obviously slightly more expensive than your average razor blade. This isn’t the end of the world, and you can purchase an adapter to use Gillette blades if necessary. You will have to buy an adaptor for the Headblade Sport, as they haven’t provided one for the Headblade ATX; it will fit onto your ATX fine, though.


The Conclusion

Considering the cheap price of the Headblade, you can’t really go wrong with purchasing one of these and seeing if it’s right for you. It’s a pretty smart contraption without too many other competitors in the wet shave market. So if you like your wet shaving (I personally switch between wet shaving and electric shavers every year or so) it’s a really competent option to get the job done.


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