Braun BT3020 vs BT3040

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The Braun 3 series are one of the less popular beard trimmers on the market, though that doesn’t mean that you should overlook them completely. Just because they’re a cheaper brand than most, doesn’t mean you should disregard them completely from your search for a decent trimmer. But, are there any differences between the two models that warranty the price difference, or are they pretty much the same?

Well, whilst both of these two models are similar, there definitely are a few differences between them – the main ones being an extended battery life and far more precision length settings with the BT3040.

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to go straight for the BT3040. If you want a trimmer and you’re on a really tight budget, then it could be worth considering opting for the BT3020 over the BT3040 as typically it comes at a cheaper price. Let’s take a look at the two models to find which one is best.

Braun BT3040 vs BT3020

Of course as the name suggests, both of these models are very similar to each other. But, there are some small differences between them that you’ll want to be aware of. Let’s run through some of the good and bad things about both models.

Differences between the BT3040 and BT3020

As I’ve said, the differences between the two are actually quite small and subtle. The main differences are;

  • Battery Life – Although you might not think battery life is too important, there is a significant differences between the battery lives of these two trimmers. Whilst you’re going to get a full hour of trimming from a full charge with the BT3040, this isn’t the case with the B3020 where you’re going to struggle to get 40 minutes out of it.
  • Length settings – With the BT3040, you’re going to get almost double the amount of length settings that you get with the BT3020. This might not effect the majority of guys, but if you like to keep your beard super groomed then it’s worth considering, as you need a lot of precision settings for areas like your sideburns.
  • Can be used corded – One of the main things that frustrates people about beard trimmers in the modern era is that you cannot use them whilst charging – it annoys me too! Unfortunately with the BT3020, you can’t use it corded. But with the much updated BT3040, you can use it whilst i’ts plgged in, which is great if you’re in a rush.

What else is good about the BT3040

Series BT3040
  • 39 precision length settings in 0.5 millimeters steps provide precise results no matter your beard style
  • 2 combs, from 0.5 to 20 millimeter, provide flexibility and 100 percent control of your style; This also comes with a Gillette Flexball Razor
  • Ultimate precision with lifetime lasting sharp blades; The Braun beard trimmer automatically adapts to any voltage between 100V and 240V

Although these are the differences between the two models, these aren’t the only things that you should consider if you’re trying to decide between the brands. There are some other things that you might want to consider too.

  • Price – The BT3040 is extremely cheap when you compare it to other models of beard trimmer out there. Nowadays, more and more trimmers and multigrooming trimmers are being released that are exceeding the $100 mark – but you don’t need to spend this much. If you want to keep it cheap, then stick to a $20 or $30 trimmer like this one.
  • Washable – It’s important nowadays for most beard trimmers that you can just run them under the sink to clean them out. This is easy with the BT, and you don’t need to worry about it breaking due to the added water.
  • Great for styling – If you take pride in your beard, then your run of the mill trimmer isn’t going to do. You’ll need something a bit better, with a ton of different settings and length that can easily allow you to keep your beard trimmed to perfect.


Overall, the BT3040 is definitely a better choice for the majority of people. It’s a better, more well rounded trimmer that will get the job done. Whilst the BT3020 is still an okay trimmer if you’re on a tight budget, it just doesn’t have those added elements that the BT3040 does.

Now don’t get me wrong – there are other brands out there that you may want to consider two. Especially some of the Norelco models, which can hold their own with pretty much any other brand. But, at it’s price range then this one from Braun is up there with the best budget beard trimmers.

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