Can you use baby oil on hair clippers?

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If you’ve run out of oil for your hair trimmer, or you just want to avoid purchasing any more, then you’re probably looking for alternatives to use. Whilst most people recommend that you stick with the manufacturers oil, this isn’t always possible. Is there really any difference between the manufacturers oil and the oil you have laying around your house, like baby oil?

The answer is that yes, it’s perfectly fine to use baby oil for your hair trimmers and clippers. Whilst you want to avoid thicker oils that may clog the blades, baby oil works fine as a trimmer oil replacement.

Of course, this does depend on how thick the baby oil that you’re going to use is. If it’s extremely thick, then you may want to opt for something else. This is because thicker oils have a tendency to clog your trimmer up, especially after prolonged use. So, it’s important to avoid using thick baby oils to maintain your trimmer.

To apply baby oil, you generally just want to use the same method that you use with your regular oil. Simply squirt a small amount of baby oil onto your finger or directly across the blades and rub it in. This is much easier to do with a small brush, but you can use your fingers if you have nothing else.

Ensure to turn your trimmer on halfway through the process. This is to help the oil spread evenly throughout the trimmer, as opposed to moistening just one area. This can be an issue if you do not moisten your clippers properly.


If you don’t want to use baby oil for your hair clippers, then there are alternatives that you can use which you may find around the house.

The most commonly known alternative to using your manufacturers oil is to use coconut oil. Using coconut oil is likely a better option than using baby oil because it has the ability to spread across your trimmers blades better than baby oil – this is due to the density of the two.

Another good choice to use if you have it on hand is sewing machine oil. You want to try and opt for clear mineral oils to help maintain your clippers. This is because they work far better than thick and dense oils.

You want to avoid using thick oils like olive and cooking oils in general. This is because they are too thick to be used to properly moisturize your clippers.


In general, baby oil isn’t the best way to keep your clippers sharp. But, they definitely get the job done and some people will find them to be better than their manufacturers oil – especially if it’s particularly expensive.

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