Dorco vs Dollar Shave Club

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I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the differences between these two brands since my Dollar Shave Club review a while ago. It seems that people want to know the differences between the two models before they make a purchase – and rightly so. It’s pretty clear to understand once you know how the DSC’s scheme works.

Dollar Shave Club razor blades and Dorco Razor Blades are literally the same thing. the DSC outsource their products to Dorco who make them on their behalf. Whilst the handles differ slightly, there really isn’t enough to warrant much of a difference between them.

Dorco vs Dollar Shave Club

This is the simplest way to understand the differences between Dorco and Dollar Shave Club – there really isn’t any! But still, Dollar Shave Club has become a billion dollar company; pretty impressive for a company that don’t really make their own razor blades.

Why buy Dollar Shave Club then?

There’s a simple answer to why the Dollar Shave Club are such a big company nowadays. Convenience. The DSC offer the opportunity to get stuff sent directly to your door on a monthly basis, reducing the need to ever buy razor blades from the store. This is one of those things that’s commonly forgotten, so it makes sense to have this kind of subscription service.

There’s also the other stuff that the Dollar Shave Club offer in general. It’s not all about the razor blades – you’ve also got to consider the shaving cream or butter, in which the DSC’s products are of a decent quality.

Lastly, the DSC offer a decent quality of razor handle. I’ve used the Executive myself, and it is a little better than the razor that comes with the Pace 6 Razor from Dorco. But, there isn’t a dramatic difference between the two razors at all.

Why I prefer Dorco

Like the DSC is more popular because of convenience, there’s one reason that I prefer the Dorco Razors – cost. For me, convenience takes a back position in this matter and I’m undoubtedly more concerned about the cost of each of these products.

Whilst the Dollar Shave Club razors can set you back around $2 each, the Dorco razor blades usually run at less than half of this price. As someone that goes through a razor a week, this is a pretty big difference if you add the cost up over the entire year.

The fact of the matter is that the Dorco Razor blades are exactly the same as the Dollar Shave Club ones. In fact, I’ve ordered the Dorco razor blades in bulk from Amazon and I now use them with my Dollar Shave Club razor handle, the Executive. That’s right – they easily fit onto the Razor handle that I got with my trial with the DSC.

Dorco Pace 6 - Six Blade Razor Blade System - Value Pack (10 Pack + 1 Handle)
  • WORLD'S FIRST 6 BLADE - Tests prove higher blade counts deliver a closer, less irritating shave.
  • PATENTED ANGULATED BLADE PLATFORM - Seamless blade construction leaves fewer obstacles for debris accumulation
  • COMMON DOCKING SYSTEM - Cartridge and handle interchangeability for shaving customization


Overall, this is pretty much the same product – just packaged in a different way entirely. If you’re really looking for the best deal, then you need to go with Dorco. For me, they’re one of the better razors on the market anyway (hence why the DSC used them as their suppliers). I even prefer Dorco to Gillette, which is the largest razor company around.

If you’re looking for the most convenient option, then of course you might want to consider the Dollar Shave Club as an alternative. But they are providing pretty much the same experience as Dorco, except they’re customizing it more to your experience and changing the product a tiny bit. But for the most part, the razor blades especially are identical, so it makes sense to opt for Dorco.

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