Elchim 2001 vs 3900

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In terms of good value hair dryers, Elchim are one of the best known brands out there. they produce a lot of decent quality hairdryers at a pretty fair price. Two of their most popular models are the Elchim 2001 and the Elchim 3900.

Though these are both undoubtedly good quality models, it can be very difficult to know which one is best. The Italian brand have won several awards for their high quality hairdryers, especially for these two popular models. But between the Elchim 2100 and the 3900, which one would make a better choice as a hairdryer for your house?

Elchim 2001 vs 3900

Elchim 2100

The 2100 is listed as Elchim’s classic hairdryer, and it’s been one of their most popular models over the last decade. Though the brand itself has become particularly popular over the past few years, it actually has a long and prestigious history dating back to the end of the second world war.

But anyway, what about the performance of the 2001? Well if you’re after a basic hairdryer that’s a level above what’s currently available, then it’s going to make a decent option.

Whilst it only has two different speeds, it actually has five different options in terms of temperature. This means that if you need a really hot hairdryer, then this is likely to make a really good choice for you. And on the opposite end of the spectrum if you want a cooler blow dry, then this is also possible.

The 2001 is a powerful option, and if that’s what you’re looking for in a hairdryer, then this model definitely isn’t going to let you down on that regard. It’s extremely popular as a hairdryer, both for home use but also for using within a salon environment too. If this isn’t testament to it’s ability as a powerful hairdryer, then I don’t know what is!

One of the negatives about the 2001 is that it doesn’t have a cold option – this isn’t likely to be useful for the majority of people, but for some people that like to have the possibility of cold air coming out of their hairdryer. So, it does get a mark down for that reason. But overall, it’s a pretty decent hairdryer, if a little expensive for what you’re getting.

Elchim 3900

If you’re looking to go a step up from the 2100, then the 3900 is a better option for those that have a little more cash. It has more power than the 2100, so if you’re looking for something that can dry your hair that little bit faster, then the 3900 might prove to be a good choice.

The Elchim 3900 a good choice due to it’s high power, especially if you have thicker hair than most. Not only because it’s an extremely powerful hair dryer, but also because it has two focus nozzles. This allows you to easily narrow down the air onto whichever area of your wet hair you want to, which can help you speed up the time it takes to dry.

All in all, whilst the 3900 is a decent quality hair dryer, it doesn’t quite match up to some others out there in my opinion (the Dyson Supersonic and the ghd Air spring to mind as better options).


Overall, both the Elchim 2100 and the Elchim 3900 would make a good choice for the majority of households. If you aren’t entirely sure which one would make a better option for you, then generally the 2100 is a better option for those that want something standard and cheap, whereas the 3900 proves to be the better choice for those that want the ultimate in hair drying.

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