Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor Review

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Apparently, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide provides you with the perfect shave. You’re not convinced? Well, neither am I. Below, I will list all things that apparently make this razor one of the best on the market. Then, I’ll have a look at some things where it might not be up to scratch. There must be a reason why this is one of the most popular razors for shaving your head, right?

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor Review

After many years of producing best razors on the market, it seems that Gillette delivered the most popular razor ever with the Fusion ProGlide. It has thinner and finer blades than their regular razors, which help you to shave yourself without pulling and tugging at your facial hairs.

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Where the Fusion ProGlide beats the competition is it’s ability to use it often. With many razors you can shave once and you’ll be fine, but if you repeatedly shave every day, then you may experience razor burn. With the Fusion, even if you shave every single day, you won’t experience red rashes and razor bumps due to the light blades.

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide handle features FlexBall technology. The main point of the Flexball is to respect the contours on your face and help the razor to get to acute positions. It really makes shaving quite a bit easier than if you was shaving with a regular throwaway razor. Even the thickest areas are not problems with the ProGlide, though you shouldn’t let your stubble grow too long without shaving it.


Now, we’ll run through some of the best things about the Fusion ProGlide which separate it from your regular razor.


As this Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor has a better lubricant strip than the razor before it – and a bit of mineral oil – it provides the razor to move gently over the skin. This helps to give good results, and to leave your skin smooth and clean after shaving.

Fewer missed hairs

You won’t have to shave the same spot all over again while you are using this razor. Thinner blades provide you with excellent cut and no missed spots anymore, which is a common issue for the majority of guys.

Thinner and finer blades

As well as no more missed hairs, you also won’t have any more of them getting pulled and tugged out. With the Fusion blades, you won’t have more problems with little pain that can one pulled or tugged hair make. Not only can hairs getting pulled out be painful, but they can also induce ingrown hairs which can be very annoying.


  •  Excellent for sensitive skin – Dermatologists recommend this razor as the number one for all skin types (this is a quote from Gilette, anyways). They recommend it to those men who have sensitive skin and always struggle to find the perfect razor in order not make their skin worse with rashes and razor bumps.
  •  1 razor blade lasts a long time – Even if you shave 3 to 4 times a week, you razor blade will last you for one month. Personally I like to change mine every two weeks because I have coarse hair, however.
  •  Cleaning – Cleaning of the blades is super easy. If you use it in front of the mirror, just put it under the waters pressure and rinse it out. There’s nothing worse than a razor blade that you can’t get clean because it’s stuffed with hairs!
  •  Expensive, but worth it – As the blades are some of the most expensive on the market, some people are not happy with the price. But they aren’t that expensive, particularly when you consider their quality. I know several people who use this as their go to razor,! In my opinion, it is always better to buy one great product and pay it little more, in order to be satisfied in it. If you, on the other hand, decide to buy those who are a bit cheaper, you need to think about the fact that you will soon need to get another one. So.. just count!


There aren’t many cons about this razor. The reviews I’ve seen online are almost all positive, despite the fact it is a pretty expensive product for what it is. Some of the users complain that lotion strip runs out quickly, but I have this razor personally and it’s lasted me quite a while – you don’t need to change the heads more than any other razor!

The Conclusion

This is still one of the best razors on the market, even though there’s fierce competition with other razors. The Gillette Fusion ProGlide makes shaving much easier than before – even the thickest areas of your face are not problem anymore with this amazing product. The added lubricants make the razor move very gently over the skin and provide you with smooth and clean skin in the end.

Cleaning of the razor is super easy – you will only need water for it. The only complaints I’ve heard are about the price, but in the end when you look at all pros and cons, you will see that it is worth your money. I think you’ll be more than satisfied with the Fusion ProGlide.

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  1. Most awsome Razer I have ever bought! No red bumps, no razor burn and glides outstanding! I will never use a different razor to shave ever again.


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