How to grow a Lumberjack Beard

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Are you looking to up the ante from your regular stubble or tamed beard and go all out lumberjack? Not sure exactly where to start? Well, we’ve got you covered here. This short guide will show you exactly how to grow a lumberjack beard.


Let it grow

This, in my opinion, is the most important and essential part if you truly want to know how to grow a lumberjack beard. Let it grow. I’ll let my beard grow out for at least a month or two before I even consider trimming it down. Obviously, this is different for everyone as some beards grow faster than other, but as a general rule, leaving it for a month before you shave is a good idea.

By leaving it, I don’t mean to leave it completely. During this time, you should keep a solid neckline by shaving it every 3-5 days (neckbeards have never been sexy, by the way). To define your neckline, follow your neckline around to an inch below your chin. This is a pretty common mistake that is often made and will ruin your meantime look completely, especially if you aren’t in great shape.

You can forget about your neckline once your beard has grown out to a sufficient length, but in the meantime, be sure to avoid this;

This is a great example of a neckline that has been shaved too high. George is in dire need of an extra half-inch to an inch along the jawline.

It most certainly isn’t a necessity to grow your lumberjack beard out without a trim. You could keep it maintained as you go. But for me, this is a far easier option. I’ll usually leave it until someone comments on me looking like a homeless person. At that point, I know it’s time to get the trimmer out.

Use these added tips

If you’re struggling to grow a lumberjack beard, these four little tips are quite useful for helping facial hair growth. In all honesty, you should probably be doing these things anyway. But if you’re not, then:

  1. Wash your face thoroughly. Not with any added oils and stuff, just soap and hot water. Oily skin is known to prevent the growth of hair follicles. Your beard loves clear skin.
  2. Get some sun, or take vitamin D supplements. I prefer to take vitamin D supplements as with the sun you’re obviously going to increase the amount of oil in your skin. But whatever works for you.
  3. Boost your testosterone. This is why going to the gym and lifting heavy weights will always be advantageous; testosterone helps contribute to beard growth. Get down the gym and try to exclude stress factors from your life. This will help to boost testosterone.
  4. Steam your pores. Whilst you’re at the gym, make use of the steam room. Exercising the follicles in your face will help promote beard growth.
  5. Relax. Stress can definitely be one of the main reasons why your beard won’t grow, so make sure you’re getting enough sleep and relaxing time.

Now, I know that they sound like some pretty stereotypical tips. But in my experience, they’ve helped. And even if they don’t, they’re all good tips for wellbeing as well as growing a lumberjack beard.

Don’t waste time with oils. Yet.

Whilst your lumberjack beard is growing, don’t be drawn in to the ‘buy this oil to make your beard super long and get loads of women’ ads. Whilst a good beard oil is great when your beard is up and running, you shouldn’t need to purchase any balms or oils until your beard is a decent length.

Once you do get your beard to a sufficient length, beard oils can be a great help with maintaining a healthy beard. As long as you know how to apply them properly.

Finally, be patient and research how to grow a lumberjack beard

Patience. Another important factor for growing out a truly awesome lumberjack beard. If you have the ability to grow stubble, or even a half decent lumberjack beard, then you’re likely capable of growing a solid lumberjack beard. Though I have to say, being patient won’t work for some. I have friends in their thirties and forties who are just incapable of growing any sort of beard. Of course, if you’re one of those people, you should completely ignore this guide.

So, a few months have gone by, but you’re not getting the length you want on your beard and it hasn’t got great volume. What should you do? Panic? Apply some sort of oils and creams that promise to grow your beard tenfold but never really work? No. We wait. A solid 6 months is really the timeframe that you will be looking at if you want to go full lumberjack. Some may be a tad sooner, some a tad longer. Stick with it and you’ll get where you want to be.

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