Hair La Vie vs Viviscal

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Hair la Vie and Viviscal are two well known brands when it comes to hair loss. You’ve likely heard people talking about them and mentioning them on social media and it’s no surprise that they’re some of the most popular products on the market. But are they equally as good as each other, or is one of the undeniably better than the other one?

Although they are similar, the main difference that you can see between the two is that Hair La Vie does not use any artificial fillers, whereas Viviscal does. This may not sound like a massive difference, but it does have an effect on the capsule itself.

These two hair loss products are undoubtedly very similar, and you’ll want to be aware of the similarities and differences between them to be sure that you’re getting the better product for your needs. If you do this, then you can be sure that you can stick with one brand without having to switch and change around all the time, which can be annoying.


Viviscal is one of the better known hair loss vitamins around and after they were sold in 2017, they’ve only become more popular. Starting as a small company in Ireland, the were sold last year for over $100, which is particularly impressive.

Whilst Viviscal does contain a host of other ingredients, the main ingredient that you’re going to find in it is AminoMar C. This is a specially made fish extract, very similar to shark cartilage. It’s used to try and improve the health of your overall body, as well as the health of your scalp. You hair needs a healthy environment to grow in, so it only makes sense that this can help you to improve your health.

Overall, we can be sure that Viviscal and other products similar to it like Nourkrin are effective in filling in any dietary gaps that we might have in our diets. They’re not going to magically make you grow hair, but they are definitely going to help if you are dealing with nutrient deficiencies.

Hair La Vie

Hair La Vie is not as well known as Viviscal, but it’s still a well known name within the industry. They don’t just specialise in hair loss vitamins, and they have a whole array of other products that you might want to consider too.

Main Hair La Vie Products

  • Hair La Vie Vitamins – One of Hair La Vie’s best known products is their hair loss vitamins, which can be used to try and help deal with temporary hair loss and hair thinning.
  • Hair La Vie Shampoo – If you’re looking for a good shampoo to try and help deal with lost hair, then consider using their shampoo as well as their vitamins.
  • Hair La Vie Conditioner – They also have a hair loss conditioner, which works well for restoring the volume in your hair. This is a common issue, as many women dealing with hair thinning as they get older.
  • Hair La Vie Moisturizer – Hair La Vie also produce an easy to use moisturizer, so if you want to get the full set of products then you can.

For the most part, Hair La Vie as well known for their hair loss vitamins which are on par with the majority of other hair loss vitamins out there. Whilst their products aren’t exactly the same, they are very similar and you’ll struggle to find a difference between them as a lot of the ingredients are the same.

Hair La Vie specifically contain a variety of ingredients that you’re going to find in all hair loss vitamins, but also some extras too. Things like Saw Palmetto and Keratin are also useful for helping to deal with hair loss.


Overall, both of these products work well for dealing with hair loss. Whilst one of them isn’t necessarily better than the other, I’d tend to opt for Viviscal if you’re a first time user of these types of products. It’s the most established brand on the market, and usually it is a little bit cheaper than other similar brands.

This doesn’t mean that you should avoid Hair La Vie, and their products may be a better choice for you. It’s down to you to decide and find out which of these products would be a better choice for your needs.

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  1. I am finishing my second bottle of sugarbearhair vitamins and see basically no change. Going to Vivscal a try and see what happens.


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