How to Shave your Head Smooth

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Learning how to shave your head smooth is an art. You might see Bruce Willis or Vin Diesel on the big screen and wonder how they really get their bald heads so closely shaven. Well, the honest truth is that it takes time to learn how to shave your hair so close to the skin.

To shave your head smooth, you undoubtedly have to use a razor. Although the majority of electric head shavers out there work fine, then just can’t get your hair as short and smooth as you can with a razor; fact.

If you aren’t concerned about getting your head shaved completely smooth, then you might even be better off with an electric shaver. They work well for anyone looking who’s just looking to keep their hair short and trimmed.

But if you’re pretty much entirely bald like me, you’re probably fed up of the dreaded horseshoe. The horseshoe can make a 30 year old man look like a grandfather if you let it grow out too long. Keeping your hair shaved short can really help to actually make you look younger (okay, you’re never going to look 18 again, but a shaved head undoubtedly looks better than the alternative in my opinion).

So, lets have a look at what it really takes to shave your head so that you don’t need to worry about it growing out quickly.

How to shave your head really smooth

The reality is that to shave your head smooth, you really have to use a razor. There’s no way around this, unless you’re considering using some sort of hair removal treatment on your head. They work, but they’re expensive and you’ll have to go back several times.

Back to using a razor to shave your head – there’s generally two different types of razors that you will use to shave your head. There’s either the choice of a safety razor or a cartridge razor. It’s really difficult to know which would be best for your needs without trying them first.

For instance, the majority of my hairless friends prefer to use a safety razor to shave their heads. But for me, I much prefer to use a cartridge razor. There’s definitely a few reasons for this, some of which are just circumstantial.

Differences between the two

  • A cartridge razor is better for shaving against the grain – Generally, one of the main issues with safety razors is that you usually need to shave with the grain to avoid irritation. This isn’t as much of a problem as with a cartridge razor. This is more important for shaving your head – especially around the ears, which can be difficult.
  • Safety razors generally cut closer to the skin – Because of the way safety razors are designed, they generally cut a little closer to the skin.
  • Safety razors are much cheaper – One of the biggest expenses of cartridge razors is having to pay for blades. This is especially true with the Dollar Shave Club, which charge around $2 per blade! With all safety razors, they just use a general blade which ends up being a lot cheaper.
  • They can both cut! – Although you might find one easier to use that the other, they both have the potential to leave cuts on your head. In my experience, you’re more likely to experience cuts from a safety razor if you don’t know how to use it properly. It can take some adjusting to.

Using the Razor

To get your hair short, you need to thoroughly coat your scalp in shaving cream or some form of lubricant. It’s not advised to use a razor with water alone, because you’re more likely to end up with razor bumps.

Some people prefer to do their shaving after the shower, but personally I prefer to do it while I’m in there. It’s just easier. What you definitely will need to do it soak your head in hot water first to ensure that your head is prepared for the razor.

To keep your head smooth, you’ll need to consistently shave your head at least every other day. Personally, I do it every 2-3 days and on the third day, you’ll start to notice the ‘horseshoe’ appear more apparent.

I also use a good cream after I shave to avoid irritation. You don’t have to do this, but it is advised if you deal with skin irritation regularly.


Overall, it isn’t easy to find out which type of razor will work best for you. But it’s inevitable – if you want your head smooth, you need to use a razor.

An electric shaver just won’t get your hair short enough to be considered ‘smooth’. It will still leave a five o clock shadow, which might not bother you – but it will for some. To get the best razor for your needs, you will likely need to try both types of razor to find which suits your skin best.

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