Are you losing hair due to stress?

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People may experience hair loss due to physical and emotional stress in some instances. This nagging problem has lingered for ages in the lifestyle of many people. After several months or weeks of long-term stress, there is every possibility to lose some portions of your hair. Losing hair due to stress is a common issue.


Reducing stress can be a sure fire way of reducing the acceleration of your hair loss.

In most cases, the lost hair tends to re-grow when your stress is over. Taking proper care and certain natural measures can help to prevent hair loss due to stress. Hair loss is one of the most unequivocal signs of stress and anxiety. If you are in constant fear and panic to lose your hair, it is important to look for effective ways to stop this negative feeling.

Losing hair due to stress – how to fix the problem should be the solution whenever you are in a fearful mood. With healthy nutrition and relaxation strategies, you may save yourself from experiencing hair loss due to stress. Below are some unique and effective ways to prevent or fix hair loss problems caused by stress.

Give it time



The scalp should be allowed to recover when the hair loss has entered the telogen stage. Time is highly crucial to your new hair development after combining balanced diets and relaxation strategies.

Before your hair starts growing properly, there is the possibility to wear hats or hairpieces. In fact, you can style the hair to any suitable design that fits the current condition. For the new hair to start developing at your suitable pace, then ensure to allow up to three to four months.


Keep a balanced diet


Hair production is cascaded on its fundamental building blocks, which are protein and iron. Zinc and selenium are important elements that can also help in the development of hair. To absorb protein and iron into your hair, simply consume food with at least 200 micro grams of selenium and 30 mg of zinc daily. Using natural effects such as eating cereal grains and vegetables can help to balance the protein and zinc levels in your hair.


Keep fit and active


Chronic physical or emotional shock along with malnutrition can lead to hair loss by stress. Hormonal imbalances and illness can also lead to hair loss by stress. When anxiety signs in your lifestyle are not treated, it may cause tension of stress. It is important to know that hormonal imbalances can occur when the tension of your stress increases beyond anticipation.

When this occurs, your immune system will be confused and start attacking hair roots. The only way to put this problem under control is by increasing your level of constant exercise. Studies have revealed that endorphins in the body are increased due to constant exercise. While it can bolster your overall wellbeing, regular exercise also provides natural pain reduction.

Taking a warm bath or relaxing with a massage will help your body to remain active. Built-up tension is alleviated when you apply any type of soothing touch to your body. In fact, it will ensure that your muscles are well relaxed. Breathing deeply in a tense condition can as well help your body experience total activeness.

Keep the rest of your body well groomed


Along with keeping fit, it’s important to keep the rest of your body and hair well maintained. That means keeping your beard trimmed and your nose hairs at bay.

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