Best Nickel Free Razor (Hypoallergenic)

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A hypoallergenic razor is something that’s a necessity for those of us with sensitive skin. If you’re allergic to nickel, then getting a hypoallergenic shaver is definitely something that you’d need.

Although it’s more commonly thought that only women deal with nickel allergies, there’s plenty of men that have these issues too. Of course, more women deal with a nickel allergy than men but there’s still almost 1% of guys that deal with it. If you notice that you’re getting red rash whenever you shave, then there’s definitely a possibility that you’ve got an allergy to nickel.

Nickel is one of the most common metals that people are allergic too. Unfortunately, the vast majority of razors contain nickel and you’re unlikely to find any on the market that don’t contain nickel. Usually they use a titanium coating which helps the top of the razors stay sharp, but underneath they contain cheap nickel that can cause irritation.

There are a few companies around that have products that contain minimum nickel. They prove to be a good option for those who really need a hypoallergenic razor.

Preserve Razor Blades

Preserve Shave 3 Razor Blades, 24 cartridges (4 razors in each box, 6 boxes total), Packaging may vary
  • SAME GREAT RAZOR, NEW NAME. Your favorite Preserve Triple Razor is now called Preserve Shave 3.
  • 3 BLADE CARTRIDGE. Includes twenty-four (24) replacement cartridges for Preserve Shave 3 razor.
  • TITANIUM-COATED BLADES FOR PERFORMANCE. Blades made in USA. Cartridge assembled in Mexico.

Preserve are the biggest producer of nickel free razor blades that you can find online. Well, I say nickel free – the company state that the products have ‘minimal nickel’ in them so they’re okay if you’re allergic.

They are okay if you’re allergic to nickel as long as you don’t wear them down to the core – this is where the majority of nickel is situated in the razor blade. They are coated with titanium, which the majority of people do not have an allergy to and you should be okay using.

These are some of the most popular blades around, so you can be assured that they’re high quality and work well.

Opt for a shaver

The best option for the majority of people that have an allergy to nickel is to go for a foil shaver. There are many foil shavers on the market that don’t contain nickel, though you will have to shop around to find one that’s best for you. Here’s a few that I’ve seen that don’t contain any nickel.

Wahl Flex Shave

Wahl Flex Shave Rechargeable Foil Shaver for Sensitive Skin with Built-in Pop Up Trimmer and 3 Interchangeable Shaving Heads
  • 3 Unique Shaving Heads - Flex Shave allows for 3 different shaving options with 3 interchangeable heads: Sensitive, Comfort Close, and Ultra Clean
  • Shaving Options - Sensitive foil head helps reduce irritation for sensitive Skin, Ultra Clean head allows for a smooth overall shave that is close to the skin without irritation, Comfort Close head...
  • Built In Pop-Up Trimmer - Our built in pop up trimmer features wide precision bldes that are great for quick and easy detailing as well as trimming long hairs

The Wahl Flex Shave is one of the only shavers – maybe?the only?shaver -?that has a special setting that is designed for people with sensitive skin. It has three options – sensitive, comfort close and ultra clean. Between these settings, you’re going to find one that works well for you.

It’s a compact foil shaver that will suit anyone looking for something that can leave their skin alone without causing too much irritation.

Remington Titanium

The Remington titanium line is also another great option if you desperately want to try and avoid nickel. Of course, these products are primarily made up to titanium, so you don’t need to be worried about nickel.

There are an abundance of different Remington shavers on the market that you can choose from, but some are much better than others.

If you have a nickel allergy

If you have a nickel allergy, you undoubtedly want to pick up some Nickel alert. This is a great addition to anyone who needs to be sure that their razors do not contain any nickel.

All you need to do is apply this liquid to a razor with a cotton swab and wait to see if a red color appears. If it does, then you can be sure that there is some nickel contained in the item. If not, then you’re good to go and you don’t need to worry about there being nickel in your razors.

Nickel Alert - No Nickel - 2 Pack of Nickel Testing Solution for Jewelry, Watches, & Belts, Perform 400+ Tests on Any Metal Objects
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  • EASY AND FAST TO USE - This invaluable kit's nickel detection solution can test any metal item in only 30 seconds. Nickel Alert comes in a large, easy-use squeezable bottle - 0.5 ounces!


Overall, it can be a bit of a nightmare dealing with a nickel allergy. But up to 1 in 20 women deal with this, so remember that you’re not alone in your nickel allergy. If you look around on the market, then you can undoubtedly find something that will suit your needs like the Preserve Razor Blades. You might have to pay a tad higher prices, but it can be worth it to avoid the allergic reaction you might experience.

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