Using Nizoral Shampoo for Forehead Acne?

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One of the biggest annoyances in life is undoubtedly acne. Acne in general is bad enough, but it’s much worse when it’s in an extremely apparent area. Aside from perhaps cheek acne, one of the worst forms of acne has to be forehead acne. Trust me, I know – I’ve been dealing with it for years. But recently I tried Nizoral as a face mask on my face, and I was astonished at the results.

Originally, I saw this post on reddit which made me want to give Nizoral a try. Within a week, the tiny bumps on my forehead started to disappear. And after a month of continuously using Nizoral Shampoo as a face mask, the bumps were all but gone. I’d tried various different things before using Nizoral, but for some reason this seemed to work far better than anything else that I’ve tried in the past.

Why does Nizoral Shampoo work for Forehead Acne?

Nizoral shampoo works extremely well for forehead acne for one main reason. Firstly, Nizoral will help to make your skin much less oily. Oily skin can be one of the main causes of acne. DHT, the reason that guys start to lose their hair in the first place, is also one of the main causes of hormonal acne. Nizoral inhibits this and stops the conversion from testosterone to DHT (which is one of the reasons Nizoral is a hair loss shampoo, too).

You might have heard the term androgen blocker. Nizoral is an androgen blocker, whilst DHT is the androgen receiver that causes potential acne.

3 Other Potential Causes of Forehead Acne

Unfortunately, there seems to be an abundance of different things that may cause forehead acne. It’s difficult to know which one will effect you the most, because many people do everything on the list!

  • Dairy – Dairy consumption can be one of the main causes of forehead acne – there’s studies that prove dairy can irritate your skin. We don’t really know what makes dairy an irritant for your skin. Some theorize that the artifical hormones used in dairy have an effect on our hormones when we eat/drink it, causing an imbalance. But potentially, dairy may naturally have an effect anyway because it’s filled with growth hormones.
  • Coffee – Another potential cause of forehead acne that’s hard to monitor is coffee. It’s estimated that around 60% of Westerners drink coffee on a daily basis, so for some people this can be super hard to eliminate from their diet. The reality is that coffee doesn’t directly cause acne. But, there are a few things that it contains that can make your acne work. Of course, the milk in your coffee can be an issue. But also the caffeine can cause your stress levels to elevate, which can then make your acne worsen.
  • Stress – The reason that stress can be a major cause of acne is that it causes your body to draw blood and oxygen to the stress related areas, and away from your skin. This lack of blood flow and oxygen can have a massive effect on your acne.


In conclusion, it’s not guaranteed that Nizoral will work to clear up your forehead acne. This is because there’s a few different things that may be the ultimate cause. It’s pretty clear to see that many different things that we consume and use daily could potentially be causing forehead acne.

However if you’re dealing with specifically oily skin, then I’d advise you to give Nizoral shampoo a try.

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2 thoughts on “Using Nizoral Shampoo for Forehead Acne?”

  1. Hey! That?s fab! Just wondered. So you didn?t lather the nizoral up like a soapy foam? You put it on clear on your face and left it, for say 15-20 mins? Thanks so much! Luke

    • I still use it in the shower twice a week. I apply it for 5 minutes, no lathering up just a little rub to cover my forehead and the top of my scalp. Works a treat, scalps never been so clear 🙂


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