Nizoral vs T Gel Coal Tar Shampoo

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Deciding on what the best hair treatment for your scalp isn’t easy – there’s a lot of different options on the market that might work for you. Two of the more popular options that many people are looking at using are Nizoral and Neutrogena’s T Gel. Whilst they are both popular options, it’s likely that one of them is far more suitable for you than the other.

The reality is that these two treatments work very differently. Whilst T Gel is used for helping to cleanse your scalp, Nizoral is an anti fungal treatment that can work for hair loss.

They are very different in the way that they work, so it’s worth looking at what the differences re between the two. This way you will be able to make a more informed decision before you make a purchase.


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The way that Nizoral works is because it contains ketoconazole. Whilst you’ll find ketoconzaole mainly used in creams to deal with antifungal needs – think ringworm – Nizoral has also become increasingly popular as a shampoo. I usually pick up my Nizoral from Amazon as it’s one of the cheapest places you’ll find it online.

It’s a great way to deal with seborrheic dermatitis, otherwise known as dandruff! Although you can get this type of dermatitis on the face, it’s far more common to experience it on the scalp. Of course with dandruff, you’re also going to be dealing with lots of unsightly, flaking skin. Nizoral helps with this by reducing the inflammation in your scalp and reducing the fungus.

The reason that Nizoral is recommended for hair loss, as well as dealing with acne, is that it is an androgen blocker. Both testosterone and DHT (the main cause of hair loss) are connected to the androgen receptor. Though DHT has ten times the affinity to androgen receptor than testosterone. Using a androgen blocker like Nizoral can help with this.

T Gel

Neutrogena Coal Tar Therapeutic 8.5 Fl Oz Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

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T Gel is one of Neutrogena’s best selling products. Like Nizoral, it’s ideal for use with dandruff. This is because it helps to clean the scalp and reduce the itchiness. Itchiness of the scalp is if you’re dealing with an inflamed scalp.

The active ingredient in T Gel is coal tar extract. This is scientifically proven to help dramatically if you’re trying to control a dry and itchy scalp. Coal tar is one of the oldest used treatments for scalp conditions that we still use today – doctors have been recommending using colar tar for over 100 years.

If you’re dealing with a more aggressive scalp condition, then you’re likely better going for T Sal. This is because T Sal is designed to be stronger than T Gel, and be more suitable for bad cases of psoriasis and crusty scalps.


Overall, T Gel and Nizoral are very similar in the way that they work. Though the likelihood is that one of them will be more suited to your situation than the other.

T Gel is a great choice for those that are dealing with and itchy and flaky scalp. It starts to work pretty much immediately, which is one of the main benefits of T Gel. If you’re dealing with dandruff or just mild psoriasis, you could opt for T Gel.

Nizoral will help to stop fungal growth, which is great for cases of dandruff. If you’re looking for something stronger, then Neutrogena may be a better option. Although with Nizoral, you’re also getting an anti hair loss product, which may make it more attractive to you.

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