Vikings Blade Chieftain vs Godfather – What’s the difference?

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If you’re looking at getting a Viking’s Blade razor, then I can’t say that I blame you. They produce some of the best safety razors on the market, so it only makes sense that they have an abundance of loyal customers. One of the most common issues that some people have with Viking’s Blade is deciding exactly what razor to opt for. They have a wide variety of different products – but which one would be best for you?

The Chieftain and the Godfather are two of their most popular razors. What are the differences between them? Well, not much. The Godfather is bigger and heavier than the Chieftain which may suit you if you have a coarser beard.

It is difficult to know which of these razors would be a better option – some people will prefer a light razor, whilst some prefer a heavier one – it’s hard to know which is better for you unless you’re already aware that you prefer a heavier razor. If you do, then you can be sure that the Godfather would be a better option. Let’s have a look at the two safety razors and see some of their specifications.

Vikings Blade Chieftain vs Godfather

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor (Neutrally Aggressive)
  • This is THE original Chieftain: a time-tested and proven perfect all-rounder razor with medium aggression
  • 20% Heavier. 150% Smoother. 200% more Eco-Friendly than other mass-produced lookalikes
  • HIGH-end materials, HEAVY construction & SUPERB quality control

If you aren’t familiar with Viking’s Blade, then you’re probably not aware of the company itself. They’ve really only become popular in the last few years, with the Chieftain being released in 2015 it became an instant hit with users. In 2016, they released the heavier, updated Godfather which has also been extremely well received.

Their designed to be a combination of two things – eco friendly and high quality. I’m sure you’ve noticed – Viking’s Blade razors aren’t particularly cheap. Sometimes you have to pay a little more for a top quality razor, so this is something you should consider purchasing if you’re going to be using it often and regularly. If you’re just venturing into the razor market, you might want a cheaper safety razor than this one.

But if you want something of high quality, then you really want to consider either of these models. The main differences of them are something that you’ll need to consider.

Main Differences

  • Weight – As the Chieftain was released a year earlier than the Godfather, it seems as if many people found the Chieftain too light – the name ‘Chieftain’ insinuates you’re going to get something heavy and make of substance. So, the Godfather could be considered as an updated, weightier version of the Chieftain.
  • Size – Of course the Godfather is heavier, but it’s also a little bit bigger in size too. This is good if you need something larger for your beard, but for your head or sideburns then a larger razor can be a hindrance.
  • Design – Although they may appear similar, the design of both of these razors is completely different to each other. The Godfather uses an old school design with a weighted handle, which is better for heavy duty and bigger beards. Whereas the Chieftain uses a smaller, slimmer design that we see more often with newer razors.

These are the main differences between the two products. There really isn’t a great deal between them, but these are the main criteria that you’re going to want to be aware of.

Other Viking’s Blade razors

Of course, these aren’t the only Viking’s Blade razors that are on the market right now. There are others that you may want to consider, too.

The Vulkan

People liked the design of the Chieftain, but they wanted a longer razor handle. So, Viking’s Blade introduced the Vulkan – the self proclaimed ‘older brother’ of the Chieftain. It’s pretty much the same razor, except longer and slightly heavier. It’s great for those looking for a long razor, as there aren’t too many of these on the market.

The Crusader

Another one of the most popular models from Viking’s Blade is the Crusader. This was literally released in the summer of 2018, so it’s one of the newest razors to the market. If you’re looking for a more premium version of a safety razor, then you might want to consider this model.

One good thing about the Crusader is that it’s very heavy. It’s one of the heaviest razors on the market – even more so than the Merkur Futur – so for some people this is going to be ideal. Using a heavier razor can allow for a swifter shave, but you should be at least a little bit experienced before you choose to use it.


Overall, it’s really up to you to decide which of these razors would be better for your needs. It can be difficult to decide between the two, as they’re both quality razors. Typically, I’d recommend that if you’re looking for something heavy duty and you have coarse, thick stubble then you should opt for the Godfather. But if you’re looking for something more delicate particularly suited to neck and scalp shaving, then the Chieftain will likely be a better choice for you.

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  1. As a brand spanking new user to safety razors, putting away my years of using Braun’s higher end electric razore, this was a valuable enlightening review to assist in my next purchase. I bought the Chieftan Jr given all the recommendations of other users, and so far, so good. Definitely a learning curve, but so was switching from cartridge razors to electric razors many years ago. Looking for my permanent safety razor following the Chieftain Jr break-in training (highly recommend for new users!!). I have thinner facial hair, opposite of anyone with full heard. I will therefore be ordering the Chieftain. Thanks!


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