7 Mustache Styles You Might Want to Consider

If you’re considering a new look, then there’s not many that are more unique than sporting a mustache. The right mustache can transform you from baby to badboy; here are some of the more interesting mustaches that you might want to consider if you’re looking to impress.


The Mexican Mustache


The Mexican mustache has been a staple amount mustach-keers for many, many years. Duly dubbed the Mexican due to the prominence of men sporting it down South, this classic is actually popular throughout the whole of Latin America. Whilst in recent years it might have died down in regards to popularity, this is only due to the increase in full beards to accompany the mustache. This one isn’t for the light hearted; you’re going to turn heads if you walk into the party sporting a full Mexican.

Whilst you might think that the Mexican mustache is little more than a gag, it’s steeped in history and racial undertones.

There are many who think that you can’t sport a true Mexican mustache without any form of other facial hair. A true Mexican stands alone in all it’s glory, without any scruffy beard to detract from its magnificence. Whilst we do agree that this type of mustache often works best alone, there are some examples of the Mexican working with small glimpses of facial hair.

The Michael Cera Mustache


The Michael Cera mustache has become so famous, we think that it deserves a category of it’s own. A slightly thicker variety of the pencil mustache, it isn’t one that we advise you sport. Why? Well, it takes a certain type of individual to pull this mustache off. Namely, Michael Cera. He is literally the only person that should ever consider sporting this thick pencil mustache. Don’t do it.

The Pencil Mustache


Everything that the Michael Cera mustache should be, the conscious and meticulous grooming that’s necessary for a thin pencil mustache will make all the difference between the two looks. There’s a need for symmetry with this look, as it’s one of the more noticeable mustaches, especially when you consider the amount of facial hair actually appearing on your face.

Not everyone can pull off the pencil mustache, with it favourable amongst older and more distinguished gentleman.

The Mario Mustache


Have you ever seen a picture of Mario without his mustache? Well, you don’t want to; it’s downright creepy. Whilst you might struggle to get the upturn that Mario has on his mustache, it’s a good example of a thicker mustache that you can sport that will help make you look more distinguished.

A good way to grow out a thicker mustache like this is to grow out your beard in it’s entirety, and later take away the beard after several months. One issue with the Mario mustache it’s that it’s necessary to be able to grow thick facial hair, which not all of us can do.

The Walrus Mustache

walrus-mustacheThe Walrus Mustache is declining in popularity due to it’s sheer audacity, but if you can pull it off you’re sure to have the ladies swooning. In order to pull off the Walrus mustache properly, you’ll need to be a 19th Century philosopher or at the very least, some sort of eccentric hipster.


The Hitler Mustache


Honestly, if you’re thinking about sporting this one then you’ve got some pretty big cajones – be careful, you might give off the wrong impression (and there’s no worse impression than the Nazi impression).

Best Mustache Wax | Buyer’s Guide 2017

Whilst it might not be at the very top of your list, getting the best mustache wax for you is important. They vary greatly in thickness and longevity, so it’s important you know what the top brands are available right now. That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a short list of our 3 favorite mustache waxes on the market, so you don’t have to waste time looking.


Behind every great man is a great woman. And in front of every mans face, is a great mustache.

I think that’s how the phrase goes, anyway. Whilst it isn’t a custom to have a mustache to make you a man, it can certainly add a masculine quality to your appearance. If bold and strong is the look that you are going for, then a good mustache might be worth considering.

Our Favorite- Wild Willie’s Organic Wax



Wild Willie’s is definitely our favoured mustache wax to use. Whilst the other recommendations in our list will work perfectly fine, we like Wild Willie’s that little bit more for a few reasons.

Firstly, the ingredients. It’s a great blend of various organic ingredients. You can tell that there is a good amount of Shea butter in the blend, as this wax is slightly softer than what you might expect if you have used other waxes in the past. This doesn’t affect its strength once applied though; in fact, we found Wild Willie’s to hold our mustache in place better than any other.

The great organic ingredients like shea butter, pine resin and various different oils give this mustache wax a great smell (slightly pine-y, due to the resin). It isn’t overwhelming like some other waxes and oils that we have used, though. The main thing that we prefer about this mustache wax over others (we used Firehouse for a long time) is that it is ridiculously smooth. It doesn’t clump up at all, which is often the case with other waxes. This wax is easy to apply and does the job well, which is why we’ve named it our favorite mustache wax.

Fisticuffs Mustache Wax



If even the Wild Willie’s organic wax is too firm for you, then this Fisticuffs wax would be a good option. It’s perhaps the softest wax on the market right now, which would be a good choice for anyone who can’t stand the thick nature that is associated with regular mustache wax.

Fisticuffs are one of the original brands that started making mustache wax, and their products have stood the test of time pretty well. Whilst this is their most popular product, they also have various other waxes and oils that you might want to check out, too. Not just for your mustache, but they make them for your beard, too. Have a look at more tips and beard trimmers here.

Firehouse Wacky Tacky Wax



One of the more popular mustache wax’s on the market right now, Wacky Tacky is especially targeted at men with finer facial hair. This means that if you aren’t yet sporting a full, thick mustache, this would be a good option as it binds the hair together and creates a fuller appearance.

Upon applicaton, Wacky Tacky will appear to be a little bit darker than some of it competitors. This isn’t an issue though, as after it’s applied, the darkness of the wax disappears and this isn’t an issue. If you are looking for a good, thorough wax that won’t let you down, Firehouse could be a great option for you.

How to apply mustache wax properly

Whilst getting a good quality mustache wax is the most important thing, it’s all for nothing if you don;t apply it properly. Don’t worry; it isn’t rocket science. But, there are a few steps you need to follow.

Step 1

Scoop a small, pea-sized portion of wax onto your fingers. Don’t worry if you think the wax is too hard; this is normal. If needs to, you can rest it on the radiator or hair dry the wax for a few seconds to warm it up.

Step 2

Massage the wax into your fingers slightly to help warm the wax up and enable a good spreadability. This is essential to help avoid clumps of wax getting stuck in your mustache.

Step 3

Apply the wax, ideally from the center outwards towards the tips of the mustache. This way, you can keep with the natural growth and direction of the mustache, which is important.

Step 4

That’s it! Your mustache should be okay, as long as you’ve massaged the wax in properly. If necessary, you can use a comb to help straighten the mustache, though this is only necessary for longer styles.

If you need a more visual guide, check out this super handy video;

Thanks for checking out this post! For more information on mustaches, mustache styles and nose hair trimmers to rid yourself of any unwanted nasal nasties!

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What are the best trimmers for lineups?

If you’re asking yourself the question; what are the best trimmers for lineups, we can help. We’ve spent hours looking to find the best trimmers for lineups and we’re here to impart that wisdom onto you, so you’re in the right place.

Whilst in our opinion there aren’t a great deal of line up trimmers on the market, there are a few. We’ve compared three of the best line up trimmers to help you make sure you get the best trimmer for you.

Wahl Lithium Ion Stainless Steel Groomer




In an ideal world, you want a line up trimmer that can be used for multiple different purposes. Possibly the last thing anyone wants in 5 or 6 different trimmers for different trims. The Wahl Lithium is a good option if you are looking for a multi use trimmer that won’t limit your use. If you are not a professional, then this trimmer would be a fantastic choice as they aren’t as heavy duty as some other trimmers. Though if you’re  pro, you might want to look at something a bit more heavy duty like the Andis.

Andis Professional



How to line your hair up

In barbering, line-ups, give characterized borders to edges of a style. Since some hair is generally coarse and thick, new hair growth can jumble the meaning of a line up in just a week’s time. If you would prefer not to invest energy at the barbershop consistently, or might want to freshen up a companion’s hairline, set aside some opportunity to discover how you can line up your hair at home.

The Steps

1. Expel any guards from your hair trimmers, and after that brush away any hair that might be developed between the blades.

2. Begin at either side of the front of your subject’s hairline, with the blades of the trimmer orientated horizontally to the hairline.

3. Start trimming about a centimeter over the subject’s hairline, and afterward cut to the opposite side of his brow. Utilize a few full trims to move from one side of the hairline to the next.

4. Cut the hair beside one the temples so it intersects with the top edge of hair at a 75 to 85-degree angle. This cut should just take maybe a couple passes. Repeat for the other temple.

You need the two sides of temple hair to be an even separation from the middle of your clients head. 


5. Shape out the bottom of the temple hair, on the two sides of your subject’s head, into the forward ranges of the sideburns. Utilize the outside edge of your scissors’ sharp edge to make elliptical cuts, from the base of every template into the forward territory of the sideburns. Reference the central oval cut while you cut the opposite side.

6. Edge up the back side of your clients head and neck. Cut from the sides first. Begin at one side of the base of your subject’s head, at that point make a vertical, and somewhat internal, cut down his or her neck. Make flat and tight elliptical cuts around the sides of your subject’s ear. Utilize the outside edge of your trimmer’s side to make the cuts. Take away a minimal measure of hair.

7. Trim the nape of your subject’s neck. Make a horizontal trim over the bottom of your subject’s hairline, approximately 1/2 inches over the extremely top of your subject’s neck.

8. Pour a few drops of aftershave or rubbing alcohol on your fingers, and afterward applaud the arrangement along the whole trimmed hairline. If you utilize rubbing alcohol to sanitize the line-up, add a touch of child powder to neutralize the harshness of the alcohol and to make it scarce too.

If you’re still stuck, check out this super handy video;


If you cut or shape your hair, or you can’t go to the barber frequently, then a line up trimmer is an absolute necessity to have for your grooming needs. Accomplish an immaculate beard, mustache, neckline, sideburns, hairlines, or swimsuit lines. A good trimmer will also enable you to spare money within your journeys to the barber or salonist.

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Why the Toupee went out of Fashion

Whilst you might still see the occasional toupee on an older gentleman, the majority of people have disregarded the need for a toupee. The toupee, once an essential for the disheartened balding man, has declined rapidly in recent years. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

You’ll struggle to find a man who openly talks about his toupee. In fact, you’ll rarely find a man even wearing a toupee nowadays, and if you do, you likely wouldn’t know it. Toupees have advanced dramatically in their appearance. With improvements in technology, it’s hard to distinguish between a toupee and real hair. However, this is only the case if you can afford an expensive option, as cheaper options tend to be of a lower quality.

The costs definitely add up

Much like Minoxidil and other baldness preventing practices, toupees aren’t cheap. In fact nowadays they’re cheaper than ever, but that still hasn’t helped their popularity.

After all things are considered, the average monthly price of a toupee can range anywhere between $50-300+ dollars a month. Now ask yourself this; would you pay $36,000 for 10 years of wearing a toupee? No, we wouldn’t either. It’s far easier to just accept balding and embrace it.

If you’re wondering why the costs are so high, it’s because modern toupees need a lot of maintenance. In fact, many toupee deals have a monthly maintenance scheme that you need to sign up for. Another issue with wearing a toupee is that you can’t just have one; having 2 or 3 toupees is a necessity. By having three toupees, you have one to wear, one being cleaned and another to be a spare.

Have toupees ever been in fashion?

Despite popular belief, toupees were never actually as popular as they’re perceived to have been. They’ve been used for comic relief since the early 1930’s, and were famously ridiculed in a Monty Python sketch in the 1960’s;

Whilst there are they did genuinely reach a small amount of popularity in the 60’s and 70’s, there’s no doubt that they have never truly been fashionable. They have always been considered as a ‘last resort’. One of the reasons that toupees became so popular is that in the mainstream film industry, actors were required to be handsome. Now, evidently nowadays we can realise that you don’t need a full head of hair to be handsome – a al Bruce Willis – but back in those days, it was a necessity.

Whilst toupees might have been popular amongst celebrities and those in the media, they weren’t for everyday folk. This is likely due to their high price and their often mocked status by many comedians.

The first real breakthrough actors to show us that a toupee wasn’t a necessity were Telly Savalas and Yul Brynner – the latter of whom shaved his head for his role in The King and I.


So… What really caused their (limited) popularity to decrease?

There are a few reasons that toupees have become less popular over recent years. Whilst it’s certainly a combination of things, it’s pretty clear what the primary reason for this is. The answer? Technology.


Yes, the expense of toupees is a factor. Yes, the fact toupees have been mocked openly in the media also matters. But nothing has had a greater negative impact on the toupee industry than technology. For those who really aren’t happy with their balding state, there are now better and more sustainable options than using a toupee.

Although hair transplants have been present for more than 70 years, the quality of them improved dramatically in the late eighties. This technology improves year upon year, making them a genuine option for people who wish to revive their former self. Although this method is expensive, it has genuine results.

Of course, another method of combatting hair loss is using minoxidil. When was minoxidil discovered? Again, in the late eighties Rogaine launched their minoxidil brand, which became instantly popular with men worldwide. Proven by scientists to help reduce the speed of hair loss, this too contributed to the dramatic decrease in toupee sales.


It isn’t for me to say whether I think a toupee, minoxidil or a hair transplant is the correct option for someone to choose. Whilst I would never advertise these methods, this is truly down to the individual to decide whether this will help satisfy them and improve their quality of life.

I can, however say that I am a happily bald man. I’ve never thought about trying any of these methods to help with hair loss, because in my eyes, it’s not something that needs ‘help’. It is a natural occurrence in over 50% of men around the globe. I’ve accepted it, and hopefully you will too.


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Wahl Balding Clippers Review

The Wahl Balding Clippers are probably the most popular model on the market right now, mainly due to Wahl’s reputation as a solid choice for barbers across the USA and globally. One of their most famous products is the Super Taper, which is a great clipper; but is Wahl’s reputation justified? And more importantly for us baldies, are the Wahl Balding Clippers any good? Well..

Please note: This is a completely unbiased review. I have not been sent anything free from Wahl to influence my thoughts. I’ve paid full price for all my products as I am always looking for an optimal shave and, of course, to help you guys get a quality product!

Wahl Balding Clippers Review



Wahl have been a premium brand in the razor market for a while now. Originating in Illinois in 1919, they’ve got branches in pet grooming and pain relief, though they are most famous for their hair clippers.

First of all, it has to be said that the Wahl Balding Clippers were originally advertised (and still is advertised) as a clipper for commercial use for barbers and hairdressers. It is also advertised for home use and it has become pretty popular amongst baldies, due to its close cut and quality production. It comes with several different grades, which is an advantage for baldies that still have a bit on top and want to style it (I can’t review anything like that as I’m full baldy!). For the purposes of this review, I used it myself as a personal grooming appliance.


Opening the Wahl Balding Clippers

After I took the Wahl Balding Clippers out of the box, the first thing I noticed was how heavy these things was. Like, really heavy. Whilst Wahl claim that this clipper is only half a pound in weight, I’m 99% sure it weighs more than that. I would compare its weight to a regular, heavy duty hair trimmer that you’d find in your barbers. This wasn’t a great start.

Looking around the clipper, you can tell it’s made well, as any Wahl clipper usually is. It has a very solid feel to it. The longer I held the clipper, the more I got used to its weight. Maybe I was over-exaggerating a bit.

Using the Wahl Balding Clippers

I used the Wahl balding Clippers for several months before I invested in a few other hair shavers and head shaving equipment. That means I do have a pretty good idea as to how well the Wahl balding clippers works, especially in comparison to others.

For shaving the front and the sides of your head, it works a dream. Really. It’s definitely the closest hair clipper that I’ve tried. Though of course, the closest hair clipper is extremely sharp. It’s not something that you want to rush over your skull, otherwise you’re almost guaranteed to end up with cuts and rashes.

So, the Wahl balding clipper works great over the top of your head and generally around the sides. It’s also better than many over shavers for trimmer around the ears, due to its close cut edges. Though to be honest, I will always use a beard trimmer around the edges of my ears anyway, just to be on the safe side. I find that a beard trimmer will cut with more accuracy, and due to their size they are easier to use.

The only sticky bit about the Wahl balding clippers is the back of your head. If you don’t have anyone that’s will to shave your dome for you, then this bit could be a bit tricky. Because it’s corded and heavy, it isn’t ideal for shaving the back of your neck and getting to the bits you can’t see. You do get used to using it, but there are other shavers available that are a bit easier to use.

Cleaning the Wahl Balding Clippers

This is one of the most positive areas for this clipper. It’s super easy to clean, and they include several brushes that come with it.

In fact, I would probably go so far as to say it’s one of the easiest clippers I’ve used in terms of maintenance. Wahl include some oil that will help to lubricate the blades. You should apply this every so often, some people are avid that you should apply the oil in a set pattern. For me, I think you can tell when the blades need lubrication, as you’ll start to feel your hair being pulled out instead of clipped.

If you’re unsure how often to clean your Wahl balding clippers, start with once a month. Honestly, you won’t need to do it more than that if you’re not using it everyday.

Can I use my Wahl Balding clippers elsewhere?

Yes and no is the answer to this question. I found the Wahl balding clipper amazing for shaving large surface areas like your chest. It moved swiftly over the skin, and shaved it to an optimum length that wasn’t quite skin close, but almost.

If you’re wondering whether you can use this clipper for your nether regions, the answer is an astounding NO. PLEASE, NO! I advise anyone with any sense to keep this clipper at least a few inches away from your tackle at all times. There are little things more painful in a mans life than getting his tackle caught on his hair clipper – I’d probably put the pain on a similar level to childbirth. Unless you’re some sort of masochist, just don’t.


What the Wahl balding clipper looks like. Not all countries receive the same attachments.

Negatives of the Wahl Balding Clippers

Well I think we’ve covered the negatives pretty well in the above section, but I’ll clarify. It’s much heavier than any other head shaver that we’ve featured on the site (to date). This makes it kinda awkward and clumsy, and doesn’t make it easy for an optimal shave.

It’s also pretty noisy actually, come to think of it. In comparison with other shavers, it’s actually quite a bit noisier than they are. This might not be a problem for a lot of people, but if you need a quite head shaver, this ain’t it.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t advise using this clipper as your primary head shaving method. If you want to shave your head once a week, then this would be a good option. But, if you like to keep it short daily or every two days, there are more convenient balding clippers around.


Whilst this is a very solid set of balding clipper, it isn’t ideal for solo use. If you’re looking for something more convenient, then the skull shaver may be a better shout. If you’re a professional and you’re considering this shaver, then you’re probably better off having a look at this video for a more detailed description;

But, as I am just a regular joe, I can’t comment too much on the more professional aspect of this balding clipper. I do know that I personally used it for a few months, and it done the job. Since then, I have upgraded to something that was more convenient, though I wouldn’t be adverse to using this again. I still keep it around the house just incase!


Thanks for checking out this post! Feel free to check out some of our other posts about hair clippers. We appreciate your visit.

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