Babyliss vs Chi Flat Iron

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If you’re looking to purchase a flat iron, the likelihood is that you’ve come across these two brands. They are two of the dominant forces in the flat iron world, so it can be difficult to choose between them. Whilst Babyliss is more well known for producing a range of products, Chi carved their own path out in the mid 80s with their range of haircare products and schools.

It’s generally accepted that amongst hairstylists, Babyliss is one of the best straightening (flat) irons that you can find – many salons will choose to use Babyliss over Chi. This doesn’t mean to say that you should completely disregard Chi Flat Irons, however.

We like to give both products an equal chance, so we’ll have a look at both products and brands to try and find out which of them would be a better option. Not for a salon, but for the regular everyday user. Is there a difference in quality and price? Well, we’ll find out.

Babyliss vs Chi Flat Iron – Brand History

To understand these products, it’s important to have a look into the history of each brand. If you’re looking for prestige in the world of haircare, then you’ll want to know the difference between the two.

Of course, Babyliss is the more prestigious brand. They’re a subsidiary of a major company called Conair – the same company that’s behind Allegro and Cuisinart. The company started in the late 50s, and the Babyliss brand arrived a few years later meaning the brand has been in existence for in excess of 50 years. Although you might want to support your local brands, if you want products that are reliable then you can always rely on uberbrands like Conair and Unilever.

Chi have a little bit of a different history however – though it’s not less impressive. Started in the mid 80s by a hairdresser himself, the brand has since expanded drastically then and has really gone global, especially throughout Europe and Asia, where their manufacturing factory is based. Chi also have beauty schools, in which hairdressers can go to learn about hairdressing – pretty impressive.

So looking at the brand history, you may think that Chi would be the better option. They were created by a real hairdresser, someone that really cares about the industry right? Well, not necessarily.


The best flat irons that Babyliss have to offer are probably their Babyliss Brilliance Series, which you’ll find in a number of different variations. You can find it in various sizes, but usually I like my hair straighteners to be 1 inch, as this is what I find best.

The Babyliss Brilliance’s are made using a high quality titanium metal, which is a wise choice for any set of flat irons. They help to prevent corrosion, which is a common problem with cheap hair straighteners. Fortunately due to the way they’re made, they should last you a long while if you take care of them properly.

One thing that I particularly like about the Babyliss Brilliance is that they are very well designed. Many flat irons, especially the cheaper ones, are big and bulky and difficult to use. This isn’t the case with this model – they’re actually designed in a sleek and usable way, which makes them a step up in comparison to cheaper flat irons out there.

Overall, Babyliss being used by hairdressers all over is only a testament to their quality – you would be hard pressed to find many other flat irons that match the Pro’s in terms of quality – perhaps only GHD’s are on par. If you’re looking for a cheaper set of Babyliss Straighteners, then the Babyliss Diamondbacks are often on sale at less than $50 and they do a great job too.

Chi Flat Iron

If you are going to go with Chi Flat Irons, then you don’t want to go for their cheapest range – there are some reports of them not working after a year. If you spend over 100 bucks on a flat iron, you want something that’s going to last a lot longer than that!

Now, there are some things that are positive about Chi flat irons – it’s not all bad. My favorite thing about Chi flat irons is that they have an easy to understand digital display, which allows you to easily see the temperature of your flat irons whilst you’re using them. Of course, they’re made with the same high quality that you’ll find with other flat irons too. The color coded temperature display is very easy to follow, which is useful for those who aren’t used to using flat irons.

If you don’t want to opt for Babyliss, then many people also say that GHD’s blow Chi out of the water too, so they may prove to be a better option for you.


Overall, it’s pretty clear to see that Babyliss Flat Irons are the better choice of the two. The primary reasons for this is their build – they’ll generally last longer than Chi Flat Irons, and if you do have a problem with your Babyliss, then you get a decent warranty from Babyliss that covers any issues that you have.

This doesn’t mean to say that you should completely disregard Chi – they still make some nice products. But, they don’t have the same reliability as Babyliss products and they’re just not as effective. This was noticed by a lot of people when Chi changed ownership several years ago. If you’d have asked this question 15 years ago, you might have got a different answer.

If you need a new flat iron, then you really can’t go wrong opting for Babyliss as they produce some of the better straightening irons around and you can get them in a variation of different prices, so even if you’re on a budget, you can find something to suit you.

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