GHD vs Chi Straightening Iron

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GHD and Chi are two of the most well known straightening irons that you’ll find on the market. If you’re looking for a new set of straightening irons, then the likelihood is that you’ve come across these two brands. In recent years, it seems like one has excelled past the other, whilst one of these brands has declined slightly in terms of quality. But which is which?

Well, since GHD arrived on the market they’ve undoubtedly become one of the most popular straightening irons that you’ll find – they’ve gone from strength to strength in terms of quality and popularity. In comparison to this, Chi has become slightly less popular in recent years.

So going by this, it seems that GHD is going to be the superior options for the majority of people – but is this necessarily the case, or are there reasons whilst you might want to opt for a Chi flat iron over GHD? Well, lets have a look at both products to see which one would be more suited to your needs.

Brand History

Neither of these two brands have a long and extensive history, but Chi is actually 15 years older than GHD. Chi was started in the mid 80s by a hairdresser himself who wasn’t happy with the range of haircare products on the market. As well as haircare products like straighteners, they also have Chi hairdressing schools which can help aspiring hairdressers learn how to style hair.

GHD is a much younger company. Started in 2001 in a small City in the UK, they ventured over the water to the US a few years later and immediately became a hit with users. They’re now one of the most popular haircare brands period, with millions of users worldwide attesting to the high quality of their products.

This gives us an idea about the two companies, but what about their products? Are they similar, or are there differences that we should be aware of?


ghd Classic Styler - 1 inch Flat Iron, Classic Original IV Hair Straightener, Ceramic Flat Iron, Professional Hair Styler, Black, (Pack of 1)
  • Professional hair straightener with ceramic heat technology for everyday styles
  • Sleek and smooth styles with enhanced shine, every time
  • Optimum ceramic flat iron styling temperature: 365ºF to minimize hair damage and hair breakage

Ghd’s best product are undoubtedly their Gold Classic Styler’s. They’re the most popular GHD model by some distance, and they are many young girls first venture into hair straightening nowadays.

One of the good things about the Classic Stylers is that they’re pretty much snag proof. If you’re used to straightening your hair with cheaper hair straighteners, then you’ll know one of the main issues with doing this is snagging your hair and catching it in the straightener. Painful! Well, the classic stylers heat plates are specifically designed so that you don’t snag them on the straightener.

They also have a ‘sleep mode’ – hopefully it never gets used, but it does give you peace of mind. If you’re ever worried that you leave your flat irons on by accident, then you don’t need to worry about this with the Gold Classic Styler. They actually automatically turn themselves off after 30 minutes, so even if you accidentally leave them on, you’re not going to burn the house down.

The rounded barrel is awesome for those looking to add curls and flicks to their hair too, which you can’t achieve with cheap flat irons. Overall, these are one of the best options (along with Babyliss) on the market and should be a go too if you’re looking for a decent set of of flat irons.


Whilst I’m not a massive fan of the Chi brand in general, that doesn’t mean to say that you should discount their products altogether. There are some good things that you’ll want to take into account about Chi products, especially their G2 Hairstyling Iron.

Like many other straighteners, they’re made from a good quality titanium that allows quick heat up and usability too. One of the better things about the Chi brand is that they have an easy to follow digital display that will allow you to see the temperature of the flat iron, which proves useful. The color coded temperature display makes it super easy to get the flat iron to whatever temperature you desire.

As well as GHD’s, Babyliss and Chi are two other brands that are commonly compared with each other. In my opinion, Babyliss have the support of many salons worldwide, and they would prove to be the better choice for the majority of people too.


Overall, it’s really easy to see that in recent years, GHD was blown away brands like Chi. Actually, not just brands like Chi – but the entire haircare market in general. They’re one of the most reliable brands that are on the market and they produce some high quality GHDs – they’ve become so popular now that many people refer to flat irons as GHD’s, which is very impressive seeing as the company is less that 20 years old!

Does this make Chi Flat Irons obsolete? Well, not exactly as you’re still going to find some good flat irons made by Chi that will work well. But, you can see from reviews online that the Chi Straightening Irons have decreased drastically in popularity when compared to GHD, which has only become increasingly popular. This is especially true for cheaper Chi products, so if you do opt for Chi, make sure that you get their most expensive, high quality straighteners.

Though if you want some of the best flat irons on the market, then it only makes sense to opt for GHD. They’ve become so popular in recent years, and it seems like this is only going to increase as time goes on.

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