Biotin vs Nioxin

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Two of the most popular hair loss supplements of recent memory are Biotin and Nioxin. You’ll struggle to find a hair loss shampoo that doesn’t have biotin listed on the ingredients. And Nioxin – well, it’s a huge brand in it’s own right and has tons of verified reviews that commend the product. But what’s the major difference between these two hair loss supplements? Is one better to use than the other, or are they fairly similar?

The correct answer is that Nioxin and Biotin work in entirely different ways to help rejuvenate your hair. Biotin is quite simply a vitamin, whereas Nioxin is a complete hair recovery system used to help any hair loss you’re experiencing.


Biotin is simply known at Vit H, and it’s commonly found in many different foods that you’ll eat on a daily basis. It’s a B Complex Vitamin – all the B Vitamins are referred to as B Complex. Other B Vitamins include;

  • Riboflavin – Helping convert food into energy, as well as being an antioxidant.
  • Niacin – A key component in DNA production.
  • Cobalamin – Another important part of DNA production, as well as a vital component of how your neurological system runs.

Anyway, it’s clear to see that Biotin is an important vitamin that we all need. And it’s also important for hair loss, as a deficiency in biotin can undoubtedly have an effect on the health of your hair.

The reality is that the likelihood of you having a Biotin deficiency is very slim. And if you don’t have a deficiency, then this is not going to be the cause of your hair loss. Although there’s little research done on the effect of Biotin shampoos, it’s pretty clear to see that there are better options out there.

If you really are deficient in Biotin, then you’d be far better off going for a biotin supplement or just trying to include more biotin in your diet. Good sources of biotin include eggs, liver and various different nuts and seeds.


It’s very difficult to compare Nioxin and Biotin, because they’re both completely different things. Nioxin the brand have various different products that they promote that can help with the health of your hair. Although they’re not defined as a hair loss product and they don’t state this, people have found their products useful in dealing with hair loss.

Nioxin Shampoo

The main thing that Nioxin Shampoo is a hair care shampoo. This ranges from numbers 1-6, which vary depending on what type of hair you have. Some of their shampoos are better for thin hair, whilst others are better for coarse, thick hair. You should consider which nioxin is best for you before purchasing.

The main way that these shampoos work is to help cleanse the scalp. Essentially, they give your scalp a better environment for your hair to grow properly. Whilst this doesn’t necessarily spur growth, it is important for your hair to have a healthy environment otherwise studies show that it won’t grow as well as it could.

Nioxin Scalp + Hair Thickening System 2 Shampoo, For Natural Hair with Progressed Thinning, 10.1 fl oz (Packaging May Vary)
  • Professional hair and scalp cleanser shampoo for natural hair with progressed thinning. Award: Behind the Chair Stylist Choice Winner Favorite Thinning Haircare, 16 consecutive years
  • Derma purifying shampoo deeply cleanses the scalp and provides thicker, fuller looking hair
  • Activ renewal technology helps remove sebum, fatty acids and other environmental residue from the scalp and hair

Nioxin Hair Booster

There are other products that Nioxin produce that can also help with the health of your scalp. The way that the hair booster works is that it’s actually meant to be used in conjunction with their other products. Whilst the shampoo is used to help cleanse the scalp itself, the Nioxin hair booster is designed to help protect cuticles from any further damage.

Nioxin Hair Booster Serum - Advanced Leave-In Hair Treatment, 3.4 fl oz (Packaging May Vary)
  • The ultra-concentrated formula, with coZyme-10 vitamin complex
  • Targets areas of advanced thin-looking hair such as the hairline or crown
  • Keratin helps protect against cuticle damage and boost fragile hair


Overall, these two are not really comparable in their ability to help with the hair loss that you’re experiencing. In my opinion, if you feel like you aren’t getting enough Biotin in your diet, then you should look to get yourself a biotin supplement or using a shampoo with Biotin in it (though research is less conclusive on it’s effectiveness).

Nioxin however, has been used by many people around the world to help with their hair loss. Can it help to drastically reduce your hair loss or even regrow your hair like minoxidil and finasteride? It’s unlikely. But if you’re experiencing temporary hair loss and are looking for a shampoo that can help, then Nioxin may be worth a look.

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