Does Rogaine work on frontal baldness?

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Rogaine. One of the best hair loss treatments of the last 30 years. Aside from perhaps Propecia, no other treatment has worked as well as minoxidil (aside from costly hair transplants). It’s the only over the counter hair loss treatment that’s FDA approved, which speaks for itself. But one of the main issues I see people questioning is whether minoxidil can work on frontal baldness as well as it can for balding at the temples and crown. This is a common question, and one that desperately needs answering.

The correct answer is that yes, minoxidil definitely does work on frontal baldness. To be successful, you must be in the early stages of male pattern baldness and have some hair left at the front of your head.

Anywther between 50 and 60 % of guys will end up balding at some point throughout their lives, with many of them starting to bald at a young age. Whilst you definitely don’t need to go on a haircare regime if you’re comfortable being bald, minoxidil can slow down your receding hairline considerably. If you want to cling on for a little longer, then it’s a good choice.

How does Minoxidil work for baldness?

The reason for this is that minoxidil works by thickening the minimized hair follicles that are currently on your scalp. It doesn’t matter where the hair is on your scalp – minoxidil can definitely work. The reason that the majority of people think that it works best for the crown is that this is usually where the majority of hairs are on your scalp, so this is where you would see regrowth more apparently.

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For this reason, you’ll have to keep applying minoxidil for as long as you want to keep your hair. This can be one of the main reasons that people opt against using it, but it isn’t so bad once you get used to it.

Foam or Liquid for your hairline?

Depending on what you need, usually you’ll have to choose between liquid and foam when purchasing minoxidil.

If you’re looking to treat your hairline specifically, then I’d advise that you opt for the foam version as opposed to the liquid. The reason? Well, it’s easier for you to ensure that you’re covering your entire scalp. It’s really easy to apply, as this video shows.

What else works for your frontal hairline?

Of course, you can’t just pin all of your hopes on minoxidil to restore your hairline. There are other hair loss treatments out there, but it can be difficult to find one that will actually do what it says. Let’s have a look at the other hair loss treatments that can help with your hairline.

  • Propecia – Of course, Propecia is the other one of the two biggest hair loss treatments. If you haven’t heard of minoxidil, then you’ve likely heard of Propecia (chemical name Finasteride). Whilst you can easily get minoxidil over the counter or online, you have to go to your doctor to get Propecia prescribed. It comes in 100mg pill, but it is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to combat hair loss. Beware though – finasteride does come with a host of side effects.
  • Nizoral Shampoo – Along with Minoxidil and Finasteride, Nizoral makes up the so called ‘big 3 products of hair loss‘. They’re called this because well.. these products actually work! There’s many hair loss shampoos on the market that you’ll find don’t work as well as you’d hope. Although Nizoral Shampoo doesn’t have the indepth research backing it up like the other two, it does have many commendable reviews from people that have used it. Nizoral is a androgen blocker like Finasteride, which also makes it fantastic for clearing up acne.
  • Nioxin – Whilst Nioxin may not be the same type of shampoo as Propecia, the reason I recommend it is that it’s fantastic as a ‘filler’. What do I mean by this? Well, Nioxin has tons of the B vitamins that if you’re deficient in, can cause hair loss. It helps to ‘fill in’ the minerals and vitamins that are missing from your diet. It contains Biotin, Niacin and even saw palmetto, which is one of the newer hair loss products on the market.


Overall, I’d actually pick Minoxidil as the number one hair loss treatment on the market. I put it slightly ahead of finasteride as usually, the side effects of minoxidil are not as bad and there aren’t the same apparent impotence issues that people report with fin. Although people do report weight gain with minoxidil, the vast majority don’t have any issues with this.

If you’re looking for something to help prevent the hair loss on your hairline and temples, then minoxidil is the go to choice.

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