ghd Original vs Gold (IV v V)

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When we’re talking about ghd’s, two different models come to mind immediately. We have their original model which catapulted them into popularity, but we also have the ghd Gold’s, which are essentially an updated version of the originals.

Though they are very similar, there are a few differences between the two, especially considering the differences in the build of the two different models. But if you’re considering getting yourself a set of ghd’s, which one of them is a better choice?

Well, it can be tough to know. Although they’re pretty even in terms of sales and popularity, one model might make a much better choice for you than the other.

ghd Original vs Gold

The ghd Originals (also known as the IV, or the fours) and the ghd Golds (also known as the V series, or the fives) are some of the most popular around. But which one is a better choice? Well, lets take a look.

ghd Originals

The Originals were what made ghd the brand they are today – which is one of the biggest brands within the hair styling industry. For the majority of people at home, ghd’s provide a decent option for home use, and the originals have supported that for a long time now.

They’re good for most hair types (though for damaged hair I prefer the Platinums) and they do their job properly. They operate at around 185 degrees heat, which is ghd’s ideal heat that they state is perfect for ensuring that your hair doesn’t get damaged when you’re straightening it. If it’s much hotter than this, then you do run the risk of damaging your hair, which is a massive concern for the majority of people when it comes to straightening.

The floating straight edged plates are good for smoothly running through your hair, and their 1 inch width is pretty much the industry standard for any set of hair straighteners.

ghd Golds

If you’re looking for a step up on the Originals, then its a good idea to consider the Golds. They’re similar, but there are a few things about the Gold series which make them a better option.

The best thing about the Golds as opposed to the Originals is their design. The curved edges make a massive difference for most of us that prefer this type of surface over something flat, which can result in hair pulling and breakages – it also allows you to add flicks and curls to your hair a lot easier. The curved design isn’t solely on the edges of the straighteners either, as it’s also on the surface of the ghd’s themselves, which makes it a much smoother experience.

Another good thing about the Golds as opposed to the Originals is that they have universal voltage, which means that you can use them in any country whilst you’re travelling. The originals don’t have this, so it’s worth acknowledging this if you need a set of straighteners and you’re often on the road. So, for the most part, the ghd Gold model are going to be the best option available if you’re comparing them to the Original set.


Overall, we can clearly see that the Gold’s are likely to be a better choice for the majority of people. Whilst the Originals have had their day, they don’t have the updated curved design of the Gold’s, which sets them apart. Ergonomically, the Gold models are much better for your hair, as they’re less likely to cause breakages as the edges of the irons themselves are easier to use. The Originals follow the same design as older models of flat irons, which might suit some people. But for the most part, the ghd Gold’s are the better choice.

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