ghd Gold vs Platinum

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If you’ve decided that you want to get yourself a set of ghd’s, then you’ve probably made the best choice. There’s a lot of different models out there to choose from however, and it can be really difficult to find the best model for you.

Two of the higher quality ghd models are the ghd Gold and the ghd Platinum, which make up the higher end of their flat iron selection. They’re both pretty decent, but is one of them a much better option than the other, or are they relatively similar in terms of usability?

Well, depending on what you need, one of these models is likely to be a lot better for you than the other. So, lets take a look at the two and compare them to one another.

ghd Gold vs Platinum

Both ghd models are relatively similar, so it can be really difficult to determine the difference between the two. So, lets run through both of them so that we can discuss where the Gold and the Platinum ghds differ from each other.

ghd Gold

ghd Gold Styler ― 1" Flat Iron Hair Straightener, Professional Ceramic Hair Straightening Styling Tool for Stronger Hair & More Color Protection ― Black
  • DUAL-ZONE TECHNOLOGY HAIR STYLING TOOL — Two new generation heat sensors instead of one. The safer-for-hair styling temperature of 365ºF controls the optimum heat from root to tip for smoother,...
  • SMOOTH, CONTOURED FLOATING PLATES WITH HEAT GUARD — Glide through hair for quick, frizz-free styling, and enhanced salon shine. This hot air flat iron styler includes a heat resistant protective...
  • ROUNDED BARREL FOR HEALTHIER STYLING — The sleek design of the rounded barrel on this ceramic flat iron hair straightener provides versatile snag-free styling to create curls, waves, and sleek looks...

ghd Gold straighteners are the perfect place to start for the majority of people – they’re undoubtedly worth looking at if you’re after your first set of ghd’s. They’re one of their oldest products which have stood the test of time, but they continually release updated versions of the gold’s to ensure that they’re the best they can be. Picking up a new set of gold’s is a good idea if you’re looking for a new set of hair straighteners.

The Gold’s are generally a step up on the Originals, which is the cheapest set of ghd’s, so they’re a mid range set of flat irons. They’re my favorite out of the ghd range, and this is primarily for their ergonomic design. They’re especially curved around the edges of the irons themselves, which helps for those that might want to curl their hair. They’re also curved on the surfaces across the surface of the irons themselves, which can help to reduce breakages when you’re straightening your hair. The Platinum uses a very similar design to this, which is also ideally suited to those that want a softer hair straightener.

They run at 185 degrees, which ghd state is the optimum temperate to ensure that there’s no damage to the hair itself. You’ll also be glad to know that they have a sleep mode too, which gives you peace of mind if you accidentally leave your straighteners on. So, the Gold’s are the best selling option from ghd and the best option for most people.

ghd Platinum

ghd Platinum+ Styler ― 1" Flat Iron Hair Straightener, Professional Ceramic Hair Styling Tool for Stronger Hair, More Shine, & More Color Protection ― Black
  • GHD'S 1st SMART PROFESSIONAL HAIR STRAIGHTENER ― The Platinum+ hot tool flat iron predicts your hair’s needs for ultimate results and stronger, visibly healthier hair in one stroke.
  • PERSONALIZED HAIR STYLER RESULTS ― Unique ultra-zone predictive technology recognizes hair thickness & speed of styling and monitors heat over 250x per second to adjust accordingly, always ensuring...
  • HEALTHIER CERAMIC FLAT IRON STYLING ― 365ºF optimal styling temperature minimizes hair damage for 70% stronger hair and 2x more color protection compared to a styler working at 450ºF.

If you want something that’s a level up on the ghd Gold’s, then it’s worth looking at their Platinum Series. For the most part, they take the improved design of the Golds and use a special technology to make them a better choice for those with a particular type of hair. For example, if you have fine hair, then they will automatically adjust their heat to suit whatever your hair really needs. This is the main difference between the platinums, as with the Golds and pretty much every other set of flat irons, the heat is distributed equally throughout the entire surface area.

There’s a lot of research about the Platinums which might prove them to be a better option in comparison to other flat irons around. One of the main problems with flat irons is that they can take a tole on your hair in the long run if you use them extensively. So, this kind of technology can help to ensure that you hair stays healthier longer.

One of the main problems with the Platinums is that whilst practically they are very good, they seem more prone to a short life. If you check out the abundance of different ghd reviews online, then you’ll see that after a few years, a lot of people are complaining about them getting the dreaded red light of death, meaning that they pretty much just stop working. This isn’t common amongst ghd’s in general, but it seems more prevalent in the platinums than in any other model. So, this is just something to be aware of if you do decide to opt for the ghd platinums over the golds.


Overall, there isn’t much between the ghd Gold and the ghd Platinum. For the majority of people, the Gold series will do a great job in my opinion and the Platinums may be overkill and an unnecessary extra expense. However if you have particularly sensitive hair, then it might be worth going for the Platinums as you’ll have distribution throughout the surface area ideally suited to your hair style. So whilst the Golds are my favorite set of ghd straighteners, I would advise going for the Platinums if you’re looking for something suited to fine or damaged hair.

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