Hot Tools vs Hot Shot Tools

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One of the most common misconceptions that you’ll find within the haircare industry is brands being confused for each other. With many of them having similar names and model names, then it’s very easy to get confused between these differences.

This can cause a lot of problems – one of the main ones that people get confused about is Conair. Conair are the parent company to Babyliss, and they sometimes switch up the names between the two, which frustrates customers about which one is likely to be a better option.

Another commonly asked one is what the difference is between Hot Tools and Hot Shot Tools. Surely two different companies wouldn’t call themselves something so strikingly similar if they are two different brands, right?

Hot Tools vs Hot Shot Tools

The answer is that Hot Tools and Hot Shot Tools are the same company and they sell the same products. The confusion comes where sometimes instore, they use the brand name Hot Shot Tools as opposed to Hot Tools.

This originates from when the company started selling products through Sallys. In Sallys stores and other retail stores, they started using the name Hot Shot Tools as opposed to just Hot Tools (don’t ask me why, I think it was supposed to be some kind of exclusive thing for each store but it has just ended up creating confusion!). So, a lot fo retail stores around America might be selling the same brand as Hot Shot Tools, even though they are the same brand and the same product lines.

Comparing these two to each other is impossible, because they’re the same thing – just under different names!

Are their products any good?

Yes! I absolutely love Hot Tools products, especially their hair dryers, which provide some of the best value for money options that you can currently find available. They’re known for their variety of hair straighteners too, which provide a cheaper alternative to big name brands like ghd.


So, hopefully I’ve helped resolve that for you so you don’t need to worry too much about whether you’ve purchased a Hot Tools or a Hot Shot Tools product – they’re both the same! If you’ve purchased it from a retail environment, it might be called Hot Shot, but if you’ve purchased it online, then it’s much more likely to be made by Hot Tools. But all in all, they are the same brand so you don’t need to worry.

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