Nutrafol vs Viviscal

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When it comes to hair loss vitamins, Nutrafol and Viviscal are two of the biggest names on the market. They’re both extremely popular, and have a ton of fans that can attest to their use. But is one of these products better than the other, or are they both relatively similar?

Well, for me these products are similar and it is really down to you to decide which one would work better for your needs. Whilst Viviscal gets the job done, Nutrafol also provide additional support further down the line.

Deciding between the two hair loss vitamins is hard, and you’ll need some more information before you make a decision. Let’s look at some of the finer details about both Viviscal and Nutrafol.


Viviscal really shot into the limelight when an abundance of big name celebrities started using their products. From Miley Cyrus to Jen Aniston, it seemed like everyone in Hollywood was going to start using their products at some point! Whilst the buzz around Viviscal has died down a bit, it’s cemented it’s place as one of the better hair loss vitamins that actually does what it say it does.

You can generally find Viviscal at a pretty decent price online. There’s little point buying it in smaller 30 day doses because typically, it takes more than a month to have an effect. If you’re not completely convinced on Viviscal then it’s worth buying their 60 day supply of vitamins, or you could get their 180 day supply if you want to try it for a full 6 months (I purchase a lot of my stuff from HQ Hair nowadays).

We know that the main ingredient that you’re going to find in Viviscal is their patented AminoMar C. This is essentially very similar to shark cartilage – it’s tested and made deliberately to combat hair loss. The actual formula is kept within Viviscal so we don’t know exactly what AminoMarC is, but we do know it’s some sort of fish extract and from what we know about fish extracts, it’s great for your skin.

Viviscal were once a small Irish company, but after being bought in 2017 it seems like they’re only going to continue growing as they become increasingly popular. There’s no doubt that their products work, so you should consider them if you’re looking for good quality hair vitamins.


Nutrafol Women's Hair Growth Supplements, Ages 18-44, Clinically Proven for Visibly Thicker and Stronger Hair, Dermatologist Recommended - 1 Month Supply
  • 1-MONTH SUPPLY: One (1) bottle of Nutrafol Women Hair Growth Supplements that promote faster-growing, visibly thicker, fuller, stronger hair (6)
  • FOR WOMEN AGES 18-44: Physician-formulated hair supplement that improves hair growth for women ages 18-44 with all hair types by targeting 6 root causes of thinning hair, including stress, lifestyle...
  • RESULTS IN 3-6 MONTHS: Take 4 capsules once daily for visible results in 3-6 months. In a clinical study, 90% of women saw improved hair overall and 86% saw less shedding after 6 months (6)

Whereas Viviscal provide a hair loss vitamin, Nutrafol try and provide an entire service for you to use. If you sign up for three months with Nutrafol, then you get full access to their special team of dermatologists. This basically means that if their product isn’t working after three months, maybe your diet isn’t the issue and they’ll take a closer look into things.

Nutrafol contains all of the usual suspects you find in other good quality hair loss vitamins. Things like Vitamin A, C, D and of course Biotin are staples of Nutrafol, which means that it does that it matches most of the other hair loss vitamins that are on the current market. But, there are other things that Nutrafol has that can prove valuable to you too.

The other stuff that Nutrafol contains that you might be interested in are;

  • Saw palmetto – A proven DHT blocker, saw palmetto is useful for helping to deal with the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.
  • Marine Collagen –  Marine collagen works for helping to improve the health of your skin, and therefore your scalp.
  • ‘Synergen’ complex – Nutrafol has their own specially made complex that contains a vareity of DHT blockers and antioxidants that work not only for your hairs health, but also for your skin and general health, too.

Conclusion – Nutrafol vs Viviscal

Overall, it seems like Nutrafol might be more of a complete package than Viviscal. of course, it’s a bit more expensive and you might argue that you don’t really need all of the additional stuff that you’re going to get with Nutrafol.

If you don’t know which of these products to choose from, then your best bet is to first opt for Viviscal as it is the most proven brand of the two. Of course, it’s entirely your decision but I’m just speaking from experience. Usually, the most proven brand is the best choice first off. But, with the information provided, you can now make your own decision on what the better hair loss vitamin would be for you.

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