TRYM II Review: Rechargeable Trimmer Set

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The TRYM II (or TRYM ii) is a fairly new product on the market and is one of the sleekiest beard trimmers we’ve ever seen. But can its performance match its handsome appearance? Well..


The TRYM ii rechargeable trimmer set beard trimmer is a creation of Pure Enrichment. Pure Enrichment designs products that aim to enhance and create a balance in our daily lives. Their products are fastidiously crafted to attain the highest quality and design standards.

The TRYM ii is a rechargeable modern hair clipper kit. It is an ideal clipper for your mustache, body hair, and beard. Unlike its predecessors, such as the TRYM Pro, the TRYM ii has sharper blades, a stronger and more durable battery, and additional attachments. Additionally, it comes with accessories such as oil and cleaning brush, charging base, four trimming attachments, and AC adapter. You will love the professional-grade metal blades that are shaving smooth and easy. The trimmer looks good in any bathroom or, well pretty much anywhere. It’s a nice looking trimmer.

Product details of the Trym ii

  • The beard trimmer weighs 1.2 pounds.
  • One-year guarantee
  • 110 volt


What does the TRYM ii Hair Clipper box contain?

  • Oil
  • Cleaning brush
  • Power adapter
  • Charging base
  • TRYM ii trimmer
  • 4 attachments



Better blade quality

The TRYM 11 has a higher quality and sharper blades, unlike the previous models. The crafted metal blades make cutting excellent. Additionally, they are durable and rust-resistant. The TRYM 11 blade will not pull or snag at your hair.

Additional trimming attachments

The TRYM ii blade has four easy- to use attachments for trimming. The blades have varying lengths ranging from 1.8mm to 9mm. The additional trimming attachments include beard, goatee, mustache, head and stubble trimming attachments. Get that little trim, or rugged stubble look with a trimmer of your choice.

Great design

The trimmer has a sleek design that will enhance your bathrooms look. Unlike the traditional beard trimmers that were tucked away in drawers, the TRYM 11trimmer will look great on the countertop, thanks to its minimalistic yet sleek design.

Excellent packaging

Once you open the box, you will find additional accessories such as power adapter, blade oil, cleaning brush and trimming attachments.

Trym ii Rechargeable battery

The trimmer has a rechargeable battery. It makes ideal for use when there is no power.


 Works well on thicker hair and beards

Unlike trimmers that cannot efficiently work on coarse hair, the TRYM 11 trimmer works magic on all hair textures and types.


The TRYM 11 comes at an affordable price despite its superior features and excellent performance. You do not need to break the bank to own this new beard trimmer. It comes at a budget price, but it does the work of extremely expensive trimming kits.

Excellent features

It has superior features compared to other brands. The motor and battery life is long lasting and durable. It gives an efficient shave without snagging the hair. The blades are sharp and of high quality. Talking of the attachments, they are robust and easily clip without a wiggle. The black sheen on the clipper makes it pretty to display.


The trimmers do everything they are required to do. The extra trimmers can help one achieve the desired look ranging from the subtle rugged to the professional look. It is ideal for shaving the head too. The trimmer gets the job done in an excellent manner. It works extremely on all hairy body parts.

Ideal for personal and professional use

The trimmer gives you the best of both worlds. It can be comfortably used at home or by a professional in the beauty spa. With its sleek and has a beautiful design, it can last for a month or more without breaking down. The trimmer feels as good as it looks on your hands.

Great design

The clips are easy to attach and detach. It also holds the clips securely in place while in use. It is light and easily maneuverable. Unlike some beard trimmers that have to be stashed away in drawers, the TRYM 11 would make a beautiful additional to your bathroom. It occupies less countertop space.



Not water-resistant

Rinsing or exposing the trimmer to water causes damages. The blades of the Trym ii will need manual cleaning.

Additional attachments

The use of additional attachments may not work well with some people. Though, we can’t really say this is a negative of the Trym ii; each to their own and all.

Limited charge time

This trimmer does not have the long lasting life that some of the other trimmers we’ve reviewed have.



The TRYM is a budget price trimmer. However, it gives the excellent performance of a more expensive kit. It lacks fancy accessories such as decorative lights and whistles, but it gives a professional trim and well- groomed lack. It is an ideal gift idea too, making it a great beard trimmer.


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