Wahl 9818 vs 9864

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We often think of Wahl as the best brand for hair clippers, but sometimes we forget that they also produce other types of grooming equipment. One of the best examples of this is the Wahl Lithium Ion, which are some of their best products that they’ve released to date. Two of their main models you’ll find from their Lithium Ion range are the Wahl 9818 and the 9864. But, what are the differences between the two, and which one is a better option?

Well, the Wahl 9864 is generally considered to be the bigger brother to the 9818. It has a better battery life by some distance, and you’re going to get a better shave with the 9864 – even if it does cost a little more.

But, that doesn’t mean that you should just ignore the 9818 completely – it still has it’s place within the market as a solid trimmer that you can use for your beard, as well as other things too. These models are true multigroomers, and compete heavily with the Norelco series (like the Norelco 8900). Let’s look at the what these two models have to offer.

The Differences between the Two (9818 vs 9864)

Generally, both of these models are considered to be very similar to each other – there isn’t a great deal of difference between them. Though, the main differences boil down too;

  • The runtime (battery) – The battery life in the 9864 is considerably more impressive than the 9818. You’re going to get an extra 2 hours of life between charges, which is a lot. This is probably the main differences between these two trimmers.
  • Foil shaver – The 9864 actually has a foil shaver with it, which isn’t the case for the 9818. This is another key differences, as the 9864 is more suited for those who are looking for something that can be used for close shaving as well.
  • Shaver stand – One of the more subtle differences is that the 9864 comes with a full stand, whereas the 9818 doesn’t. You might not notice this difference, but it’s a good example of what the real separation is – the 9864 is a more complete version than the 9818.

Why the 9864 is King – Features

If you are in the market for a multigroomer, then you should be looking at the 9864 as one of the first options – it’s definitely worth considering. Let’s have a look at some of the features that the 9864 has.

You get a real wide variation of different attachments with the 9864, which only makes sense – it is a multigroomer. You get the T Blade for your beard and ‘stache, the rotary for your nose and ear hair, a detailer for lineups and a dual foil shaver for shaving stubble. With the T Blade, you’ll get a good variety of different grades so that you can shave your head to whatever length that you desire.

As I’ve stated, one of the most impressive things about this model is the ultra long life. You might be used to a few hours with other shavers, but you’re going to get up to 6 hours life with the 9864. This is seriously impressive and sets is apart from other shavers that it’s competing with.

Of course, another thing that you have to consider with any shaver is the quality of the shave you’re going to get. You do get a top quality shave with the 9864, whether that be with the T Blade or the foil shaver, you’re unlikely to experience irritation.

One of the best things about the Wahl trimmers is that you can use it with different voltage chargers. That means you don’t need to worry about different voltages – whether it’s 110v or a 220v you can easily charge your trimmer no matter that the voltage.

Overall, this is one of the best multigroomers around and it’s difficult to find other shavers that it compares to – it’s in a league of it’s own.


Overall, both of these products are good choice, but the 9864 is the clear winner if you’re looking for the optimum multigroomer. It’s one of the best products on the market and it’s the older brother of the 9818, so it only makes sense that it’s a better choice.

You can still look at the 9818 if you’re just looking for a basic trimmer – it still has the majority of the features that the 9864 has. But if you’re looking for the very best, then you can’t look past the 9864 as the premium model.

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