Wahl Finale vs Andis Profoil

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In terms of dry shaving, the Wahl Finale and the Andis Profoil are two of the most competent shavers on the market. They’ve been ahead of the pack for many years now, and there’s a good reason for that. They both get the job done extremely well without much irritation, which is a common occurence when using a foil shaver. But, is one of these shavers better than the other, or are they relatively similar?

Well, the answer is that these shavers are almost identical. This is in terms of build, noise and battery life.   They are extremely similar to each other and to the average person, you’re unlikely to notice the difference. Though, there are a few things that you’ll want to take into account if you’re looking to purchase one that may have an impact on your purchase.

Both products do the same job, but they definitely have a few subtle differences that you’ll need to take into account. I’ll go through some of the smaller differences between the two products so that you can make a decision which of these foil shavers is the better option for you.

Brand History

Both of these brands are esteemed in the world of hair care, and you’ve undoubtedly heard of them both before if you’ve ever even considered purchasing a shaver.

Wahl were founded 100 years ago in 2019, and they’ve been an essential in the clipper market for much of this time. They’re an American brand headquartered out of Illinois, and they’re known for making a variety of quality hair clippers like their signature Balding Clippers, as well as a wide variety of other clippers and shavers to pick from. They’re generally considered to be out of the best clipper brands around the globe.

Although Andis are not quite as popular as Wahl, they’re actually only a few years younger after being founded in 1922. They were created by an Austrian who moved to the United States to build his brand, and almost a century later they’re one of the more popular hair clipper brands around too.

It’s worth taking this stuff into account, but it’s not going to have an effect on how good your clippers work! So, let’s have a look at each model and sum up the pros and cons of each model.

Wahl Finale

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  • This Product has Manufacturer's warranty. So please contact Manufacturer if any issue.
  • A Perfect Cut Every Time. Great for The Entire Family
  • Save Hundreds of Dollars in Haircuts

The Wahl Finale is one of the most popular models around and it’s awesome if you’re looking for a foil shaver. Remember that if you’re purchasing a foil shaver, then this is specifically designed for working with stubble as opposed to longer hair. You might need to get another electric shaver if you plan on growing your beard out and shaving it.

But if you’re looking for a shaver to work with stubble and you don’t like using razors, then a foil shaveris your best bet. The Wahl Finale is one of the top options, and you should consider it thoroughly. It has a 90 minute battery life, which is enough for most people even if you’re often travelling without the charger.

This foil shaver is specifically designed for those that deal with the adverse issues of shaving with a razor or harsh shaver. Things like razor bumps and ingrown hairs are unfortunately part and parcel of shaving with a razor, and for some people they can be a really issue. You don’t need to worry about this with the Finale, as it’s hypoallergenic foil is specially designed for sensitive skin. Even if you have really sensitive skin, you’ll want to try the Wahl Finale.

It comes with a stand, brush and a foil guard which will help to keep your product in good condition. You can really go wrong with the Wahl Finale if you’re looking for a stubble trimmer.

Andis Profoil

Flowbee Haircutting System
  • This Product has Manufacturer's warranty. So please contact Manufacturer if any issue.
  • A Perfect Cut Every Time. Great for The Entire Family
  • Save Hundreds of Dollars in Haircuts

The Andis Profoil isn’t just an alternative to the Wahl Finale – it’s an awesome foil shaver in it’s own right. It doesn’t deserve to live in the shadow of the Finale, and there are some reasons you should consider the Profoil. Although the battery of the Profoil is slightly less than the Finale, don’t let this put you off – it’s still a good option for a trimmer.

It also uses a special type of foil which is designed for those who have allergies, usually to the nickel that you’ll find in razors. A foil razor is a good way to avoid dealing with this type of allergic reaction.

One reason you may want to opt for the Profoil over the Finale is that it’s a lot lighter and more quiet than the Finale. It isn’t as heavy duty and bulky, which will suit some people who don’t want to carry a large shaver around with them everywhere. In terms of performance, it matches the Finale in almost every way.

There isn’t much difference between the two, but the Andis Profoil holds it’s own.


Overall, it’s very difficult to pick between these two foil shavers as they are very similar to each other. You’ll probably be fine opting for either option, as they are both going to get the job done properly.

If you want something that is lightweight, then you’ll undoubtedly want to opt for the Andis Profoil. It weighs significantly less than the Wahl Finale, so if you need something lightweight and portable then you’ll want to consider the Profoil as your shaver of choice.

If you want a shaver that can help you avoid irritation, then I would opt for the Wahl Finale. Whilst the Profoil is unlikely to cause irritation, the Finale is specially designed to deal with people who have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is one of the biggest issues you’ll have to deal with when you’re shaving, so it’s definitely a necessity if you’re prone to getting razor bumps when you’re shaving.

Though in all honesty, there really isn’t a lot of difference between these two shavers if you’re trying to decide between them. They both have a very similar battery life (with the Wahl having a 10 minute longer battery life than the Andis) and they both do the job well – you’re going to be happy whichever foil shaver you end up purchasing.

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