What are some of the signs of balding?

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Male pattern baldness affects the majority of men at some point in their lifetime. Sometimes it isn’t until late in a man’s life, but often it can come much sooner. Often, people will try to portray that as a negative thing. This is because the hair loss industry is worth billions and billions of dollars. Of course, people will always do anything to make a few dollars, including making you feel bad about yourself. There are plenty of men that prove baldness can be sexy.

However, for most men when they start balding, it can be quite distressing. But how do you know that you’re going bald? You don’t just wake up one day with no hair, do you? Well, no, you don’t. Whilst a substantial amount of men will start to bald by the age of 30, there are various different ways that you can be sure you are experiencing male pattern baldness.

Though the likelihood is that if you think you’re experiencing male pattern baldness you probably are, there are some other possibilities that could be causing you to bald. Some of these include trauma, steroid abuse and the most common cause, Hypothyroidism. Though in all honesty, the likelihood is that if you’re a male in their late 20s or older, then you’re experiencing regular male pattern baldness. So, we’ve compiled a short list with some of the signs of balding to help you realise if you’re starting to lose your beloved hair for good.

Finding hair on your hairbrush


Although this won’t be the case for all men, one of the common signs of balding will be finding lots of your hairs on your hairbrush. This is, of course, more noticeable in men with longer hair, as it will be more prone to falling out.

Though this is a possible indicator of going bald, finding hair on your hairbrush or pillow isn’t a guaranteed sign of male pattern baldness.

Receding hairline


The first signs of balding are often a receding hairline. Although this can be gradual, often a receding hairline can occur with some speed.

You’ll usually notice a receding hairline starting to occur around the temple area before anywhere else. Sometimes in certain cases, it will start directly at the front of your hairline. A receding hairline is a pretty good indicator that you’re starting the journey of male pattern baldness.

Hair thinning


Some people naturally have thin hair throughout their life. But, a good sign of telling if you’re experiencing male pattern baldness is that your hair will begin to thin out. This is one of the best signs of balding.

For most men, their hairline will begin to recede before anything else. Though in some cases, your hair can start to thin out before you experience any receding in the front of your hair. Many men think that you start balding from the front and then the baldness will thin out the back, leaving you with the option of fully bald, a horrific comb over or just leaving it as it is. This isn’t the case, however. Your can start the balding process in any order, and many people experience hair thinning from the back before they experience any hair loss around the front or the temples.

Curly/Wispy Hair


Whilst this is actually pretty hard to determine, another way of telling if your male pattern baldness is progressing is that you’ll start to notice your hairs are more curly or wispy.

The most common place to notice these hairs start to develop is around the neckline. If you feel around the back of your neck, you might notice that your hair feels a bit curlier than usual. This will only be noticeable if you usually have a longer hairstyle, though.


Whilst there are several ways to determine whether you are experiencing male pattern baldness, it’s probably best to go and see a specialist. Make an appointment with your doctor who will help you with this. If this is the case, the best thing to do is accept that you are balding and decide whether to keep your hair long, or invest in a something to shave your head with and go full baldy! Thanks for checking out this post! Please, feel free to browse around the website for more info!

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  1. Thinning hair in the crown area is a sign common to most men who experience male pattern baldness. Mostly, hair thins in a rounded area surrounded by normal hair growth. This continues until the scalp becomes visible.


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