Aveda Invati vs Nioxin – Shampoo Comparison

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Aveda Invati is one of the more popular shampoos, but when you compare it to Nioxin – one of the longest running hair loss shampoos on the current market – then it’s really difficult to know whether it’s worth your purchase. There are a lot of Nioxin Reviews online that can attest to it working well, but there’s a lot less information on Aveda’s main hair loss product.

That doesn’t mean to say that we should discount the Invati shampoo entirely – it’s not like they’re a random brand that’s popped up last year. Aveda have been around since the 70s and the company are now a subsidiary of Estee Lauder, so they definitely have some credibility behind them.

Lets have a look at the differences between the two products and try to work out if one of them is going to work well for you.

Aveda Invati Shampoo vs Nioxin

It’s clear from the beginning that neither of these hair loss products are going to work for permanent hair loss. If you’re a guy dealing with this, then there are other options available to you that are better – look for something that’s going to be more effective, like Rogaine or a generic minoxidil.

Though they may not work for permanent hair loss, both of these products do have the criteria and ingredients to work for temporary hair loss. It’s super common for people to deal with temporary hair loss, and there can be a variety of different factors as to why that’s happening.

Aveda Invati

One of the main issues with Aveda Invati is that it’s so heavily advertised that you don’t really know whether it actually works. This is a common issue and you’ll find it where any product offers ‘partners’ and ‘affiliates’ – you can’t tell whether the people are being genuine or not about the product itself, or they’re just saying “IT’S AMAZING!!!” because they want you to purchase it through them.

For this reason, it can be really hard to know whether Aveda Invati is actually going to work. So, we’ll look at the ingredients and see whether it has the right qualities to actually be effective for hair loss.

It seems that the main ingredient(s) of Aveda Invati is something that the company calls Densiplex. It’s a combination of Ayurvedic Herbs that are combined together to help try and improve your scalps health. It’s really difficult to find out what these herbs are and whether they’ll have any real effect on your hair loss, so lets look at some of the other ingredients we’re already aware of.

One of the ingredients of Invati shampoo that we know definitely can work to help with hair loss is salicylic acid. It’s the main ingredient in T Sal, one of Neutrogena’s best selling products that works to clear up your scalp from extreme cases of dandruff and other scalp issues. This can definitely help when it comes to cleansing your scalp, which is important for your hair – it needs a healthy environment in which to grow.

In the conditioner, one of the main active ingredients is L Arginine – we’ve seen that most commonly used in Viviscal. L Arginine is a good ingredient that’s proven to work to help increase your hairs elasticity. Whilst this doesn’t directly effect hair loss, it definitely has an effect on the amount of breakages you’re going to have. If your hair has a greater hair elasticity, then you’re less likely to experience breakages in general.

The ‘Scalp Revitalizer’ – a small foam to be applied – has a few good ingredients in it, too. It has ingredients like Ginseng extract to help cleanse the scalp, and well as Vitamin E which can help to cleanse as well as increase circulation (though the research for actual help with hair growth is thinner). Whilst Aveda isn’t necessarily one of the most popular hair loss shampoos around, it certainly could be considered one of the better one.


Nioxin is one of the most talked about products of the last few decades, with many people considering it to be the optimal hair loss shampoo. Whether this is the case or not is debatable, but it must be said that Nioxin has far more supporters than those that are against it.

I’ve done an entire review on Nioxin itself, so you can check that out if you want something a bit more in depth. But, we can definitely go into the main details of why you might want to consider Nioxin as your hair loss shampoo of choice.

The main reasons that Invati works for temporary hair loss are also the reasons that Nioxin works, too. It’s good for completely cleansing your scalp and helping to protect it from external excess sebum and oils.

We know that Nioxin is good for this because of the ingredients that it contains – as well as similar ingredients to Invati, it also contains other ingredients like Sulisobenzone and Ensulizole. These are two of the most common ingredients that you’ll find in suntan lotion, so it only makes sense that they work well for protecting your scalp.

In terms of active ingredients, Nioxin also contains Saw Palmetto – a DHT blocker with apparent anti hair loss qualities. Saw palmetto is a fruit extract, very similar in nature to aloe vera and whilst there’s not a ton of research on the product, it’s definitely one of the more popular hair loss additions in recent years.


Overall, these are two popular hair loss shampoos that have very similar qualities. Knowing which one will work best for you can be difficult, because they’re both very similar in their objective.

If you have no experience using a hair loss shampoo, then I’d advise you see a dermatologist beforehand to work out exactly what it is you’re dealing with. If you want to go with something that has the best chance of working, then it’s probably going to be Nioxin as it’s proven to remove the excess sebum from your scalp. This can help your hair to grow – you shouldn’t rely on it alone, but it can be a good way to help cleanse your scalp.

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