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The right shaving gel can be the difference between a smooth shave and a bad one. The majority of us have had a bad shave, where you’ve left cuts on your chin, or your neck suddenly appears in a big red rash. Well, a good shaving gel can ensure that you have a clean shave free of any complications.

You’ll want to keep an eye on the ingredients in your shaving gel to make sure that it’s good for you. For example, if you suffer from dry skin, then try and get a moisturizing shaving gel which can help make sure that your skin is hydrated whilst you shave. Or if you have sensitive skin, try and find one that is specifically for those with sensitive skin.

But is there a difference in using different shaving gels? Well, I definitely think so. You may need to try a few different ones to find which works best for you, but here is a list of what maybe be the best shaving gel for getting a close shave.

Gillette Shaving Gel for Sensitive Skin 

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With sensitive skin, you can never be too careful. One wrong move could have aggressively detrimental results. The good people over at Gillette take that thought rather seriously and have gone a step further to give its users one of the friendliest shaving creams around. The Gillette shaving gel for sensitive skin is one that demands total homage due its immediate action precept.

One thing is clear about this shaving gel, it is fabricated for particularly sensitive skin. It’s aloe imbued formula guarantees integral skin protection and serves as a worthy shaving assistant. It also contains lubricants which ensure a sleek and complacent shave with zero threats of an aggravating irritating aftermath.

Backed with a triple action recipe, it works to hydrate, refresh and keep the skin protected all day long. Besides all that, it’s refreshing fragrance is placidly adequate and is anything but musky. The shaving gel comes in a six (7 ounces each) canister package, an amount sufficient enough to keep you going for quite some time.



 Aloe infused formula.
 Offers a comfortable shave
 No irritation, cuts or razor burns


 The dispenser may not work competently in some cases

Nivea Sensitive Shaving Gel 


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From Nivea, you’d be wrong to expect anything short of top rated surety; and the Nivea sensitive shaving gel is a palpable testimony to that. Once more, these genius fabricators have proven that skin care is a no compromise priority for them.

Made with an assembly of highly efficient natural ingredients, this shaving gel grants its users a hassle free shave with notably impressive results. A combination of chamomile extract and Vitamin E bolster the already potent gel in keeping the skin in top notch condition. Sensitive skin, especially, is kept well guarded from irate red marks, micro cuts and irritations. And to top all that, this gel contains reasonable amounts of aloe that, as you would guess, work aggressively for optimum skin protection.

For effective, no-brainer razor strokes, the gel feat Skin Guard Technology which forms a protective barrier on the skin during a shave. Besides being alcohol and dye free, it also lathers up quite sufficiently and has a pleasant aura to it.


 All natural ingredients.
 Skin Guard Technology that works against razor burns and cuts.
It lathers up easily.



 The gel is not as effective on stiff beards.


Edge Shaving Gel 


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Now if you’re looking for a high soaring shaving gel, the Edge sensitive skin shaving gel should be right on top of your list. Gauging from its large pool of satisfied users, it’s clear you can never go wrong with this one.

Engineered for utmost skin protection and care, it keeps super sensitive skin fairly well covered. How? The Edge Shave Gel is patented with a mighty fusion of aloe, colloidal oatmeal and Vitamin E; each of which work diligently to keep the skin moisturised and secure. With the help of distinct lubricant elements, the gel paves the way for a seamless razor glide. This means it grants you a nick and irritation free shave. Further, it comes in more refreshing than most thanks to its incredibly adept cooling conditioners.

For the kicker, the shave gel comes in a pack six separate can. Each can, get this, is specially engineered with one of these unique proficiencies; extra moisturising, ultra sensitivity, sensitive skin, extra protection, pro relief and soothing aloe. Essentially, you get double winsomeness at a very reasonable price.


Sextuplet power formula in one package.
Non-irritant on skin.
It’s lubricated formula grants an impressively smooth shave.


 Complains of a wanting rather quality.


TOMB45 Shave Gel 


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The Tomb45 is an ingenious shave gel that can attribute its potency to its highly professional conception. They say it was made by barbers for barbers and in all honesty, everything about it is a clear reflection of that. It is a one of a kind shaving companion that’s merrily unique but gets the job neatly done.

This shaving gel is infused with aloe vera, an inclusion that only works for the skin’s eventual benefit. In that sane not, Vitamin E strengthens its skin protection abilities. Used on even the most sensitive skin, thisgel has a calm and refreshing effect. You need not worry of potential red mark bursts or rashes afterwards.

Albeit non-foam, this shave gel is smooth with a remarkable consistency that allows its users a slick shave. With this, you can say bye to irritant razor bumps and burns. Additionally, the shave gel is packed in a see through squeeze bottle that prevents waste during application and let’s you keep tabs on how much of it you have left.Finally, it seals the deal with a rather cordial redolence that keeps you enveloped in a whiff of freshness.


 Great scent.
Super consistent with a clean glide.

It’s bottle easily let’s you know the amount of product left.




 The shave gel gets a tad bit sticky if left on for too long.


Skintimate Moisturizing Gel for Women 

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Ladies, here’s a special one just for you. The Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel is made to fully cater for a girl’s shaving needs while giving her confidence quite the kick. Like a lot of their other products, Skintimate went a step ahead to ensure this shave gel’s finesse in a considerably saturated market.

Packed with olive butter, vitamin E and lanolin, this gel allows for a convenient and rather satisfying shave. Olive butter, more specifically, is a powerful skin moisturiser with instant skin revitalisation abilities. Is your skin the super dry type? No problem, Skintimate has your back.

Pleasantly enough, it builds a lush lather that makes shaving a breeze above all else. It also moisturises the skin leaving it radiant and smooth to the touch. The best part though? It smells great. It comes impregnated with a mellow raspberry fragrance that, well, works just fine for most ladies out there.


Heavily moisturing shave gel.
Amazing fragrance.
Rich in lather.



 Sensitive people may find the smell too strong.

Should I use shaving gel or a shaving cream?

Whilst there might not seem to be much difference between the two, there are subtle differences that you will notice if you decide to switch from using a shaving cream to a gel.

You’ll probably notice how on this site, I never mention using canned foams. This is because I prefer to use a product that you can actually rub in and lather into your skin, which moisturize it at the same time. I have particuarly sensitive skin, so I try to find specialist body washes and grooming equipment for this.

Anywho, it’s important to know that there aren’t a lot of differences between a good gel and a cream. If you like to use a shaving brush, then a cream is certainly a better option. Though if you’re looking for convenience, then I’d always opt for a good shaving gel over a cream. Of course, this is down to your personal preference.



Finding a shaving gel that works for you is definitely worthwhile, as they do differ slightly in their ingredients. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin, and you may have to try several different shaving gels to find the one that works best for you.